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The Coastal Fisheries Programme (CFP) is one of two programmes that make up the Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystem (FAME) Division of SPC, the other one being the Oceanic Fisheries Programme. The CFP’s goal is: “coastal fisheries, nearshore fisheries and aquaculture in Pacific Island Countries and Territories are managed and developed sustainably”. The CFP is made up of three sections: Aquaculture, Nearshore Fisheries Development and Coastal Fisheries Science and Management.


SPC Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge Information Bulletin #39



This edition contains two articles that are both centred on Melanesian topics. The first, ‘Catching names: Folk taxonomy of marine fauna on Takuu Atoll, Papua New Guinea’, by Anke Moesinger, describes and analyses how the islanders of Takuu Atoll perceive and make use of their marine environment. This article also presents an analysis of the Takuu residents’ descriptions and classifications of 200 local marine vertebrates and invertebrates...



SPC Beche-de-Mer Information Bulletin #38


This 38th issue of the SPC Beche-de-mer Information Bulletin includes eighteen original articles. The first two relate to the Pacific Islands region. Hair et al. highlight a case study of the sea cucumber fishery of the Tigak Islands (New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea), which was carried out after the lifting of a seven-and-a-half year nationwide moratorium on sea cucumber fishing and the beche-de-mer trade (p. 3). Lee makes observations about the length-weight relationship, movement rates and spawning of Holothuria scabra in Fiji (p. 11)...



National Strategy on Aquatic Biosecurity for the Solomon Islands 2018–2023



Biosecurity is a significant and extremely important component in the trade and movement of aquatic organisms and food products. The strong emphasis on controlling the spread of viruses and other pathogens from one area to another to safeguard the health of animals, humans and the economy makes biosecurity the highest priority for governments and countries.

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SPC Fisheries Newsletter #154



This picture was taken in Papua New Guinea. The fisherman is coming ashore on a bay that is managed by two communities with the guidance of two older brothers and their middle-aged sons. One of the sons had been exposed to conservation methods from elsewhere and started advocating for using such methods 10 years ago, after a flood wiped out a village. The man was certain that the flooding was due to mangrove cutting in the watershed. He convinced the communities to implement a series of taboos on mangrove cutting and fishing within 30% of the bay. The communities also decided to set up a mangrove nursery – they have been planting mangrove seedlings – and to control how many people can fish and which types of fishing gear can be used.



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