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Coastal Fisheries Programme staff

Deputy Director, FAME (Coastal Fisheries)

Lindsay Chapman

Aquaculture Section

Aquaculture Adviser

Robert Jimmy

Inland Aquaculture Adviser

Tim Pickering

Mariculture and Aquatic Biosecurity Specialist

Michel Bermudes

Aquatic Biosecurity Specialist

Ruth Garcia Gomez

Aquaculture Officer

Avinash Singh

Aquaculture Officer (Community-based)

Beero Tioti

Aquaculture Technician

Jone Warawa

Project Assistant

Geneviève Delahaie

Project Assistant

Maria Karalo

Nearshore Fisheries Development Section

Nearshore Fisheries Development Adviser

Michel Blanc

Fisheries Development Officer

William Sokimi

Fisheries Economist

Philip James

Coastal Fisheries Science and Management Section

Coastal Fisheries Science and Management Adviser

Ian Bertram

Senior Coastal Fisheries Scientist

Andrew Halford

Coastal Fisheries Scientist

Pauline Bosserelle

Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Policy Specialist

Jason Raubani

Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture Monitoring and Surveillance Specialist

Ian Freeman

Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture Legal Adviser

Ariella D’Andrea

Coastal Fisheries Information and Database Manager

Franck Magron

Project Administrator

Marie-Thérèse Bui

Coastal Fisheries Management Officer (Kiribati)

Aaranteiti Kiareti

Pacific Islander Junior Professional

Sylvester Diake

. . . and some former staff

Senior Coastal Fisheries Scientist (2012-2017) Brad Moore
Coastal Fisheries Management Officer (2011-2016) Etuati Ropeti
Fisheries Scientist (Aquarium trade) (2011-2016) Colette Wabnitz
Fisheries Scientist (Invertebrates) (2011-2015) Kalo Pakoa
Aquaculture Officer (Mariculture) (2011-2015) Ruth Garcia Gomez
Fisheries Development Officer (Post Harvest and Exports) (2011-2015) Timothy Numilengi
SciCOFish Project Administration and Communications Officer (2011-2015)
Anne Lefeuvre
Fisheries Development Officer (Economics) (2011-2014)
Michael Sharp
Fisheries Scientist (Finfish) (1998-2013)
Being Yeeting
Aquaculture Officer (Mariculture) (2006-2011)
Antoine Teitelbaum
Project Assistant (2008-2011)
Jennifer Corigliano
Fisheries Development Officer (1996-2011)
Steve Beverly
Fisheries Training Adviser (1997-2009) Teriihauroa Luciani
Senior Reef Fisheries Scientist (socioeconomics) Mecki Kronen
Senior Reef Fisheries Scientist (finfish) (2006-2009) Silvia Pinca
Aquaculture Project Assistant (2003-2009) Marie-Ange Hnaujie
Coastal Fisheries Management Adviser (2001-2009) Ueta Fa'asili
Fisheries Information Adviser (1989-2009) Jean-Paul Gaudechoux
Reef Fisheries Officer (2006-2009) Kalo Pakoa
Reef Fisheries Officer (2006-2009) Emmanuel Tardy
Reef Fisheries Officer (2005-2009) Pierre Boblin
Senior Reef Fisheries Scientist (invertebrate fisheries) (2002-2008) Kim Friedman
Technical Support Officer (2002-2009) Sophie Mézières
Senior Reef Fisheries Scientist (vertebrate fisheries) (2002-2006) Laurent Vigliola
Senior Reef Fisheries Scientist (2002-2006) Samasoni Sauni
Coordinator (PROCFish/COFish projects)(2005) Mary Power
Aquaculture Officer (2003-2007) Satya Nandlal
Reef Fisheries Officer (2005-2008) Ferral Lasi
Reef Fisheries Officer (2005-2008) Ribanataake Awira
Community Fisheries Specialist (2005-2008) Aliti Vunisea
Marine Resources Division Director (1997-2008) Tim Adams
Fisheries Programme Manager (1991-1997) Julian Dashwood
Inshore Fisheries Scientist (1989-1996) Paul Dalzell
Attachment Officer (ICFMaP) (1996-1997) Sione Matoto
Project Assistant (Ressource Assessment) (1987-1997) Kay Legras
Fisheries Training Officer (1996) Magnus Bergstrom
Fisheries Development Officer (1994-1996) Satalaka Petaia
Fisheries Resource Adviser (1992-1997) Tim Adams
Attachment Officer (ICFMaP) (1996-1997) Esaroma Ledua
Fisheries Training Adviser (1986-1991) Alastair Robertson
Fisheries Training Adviser (1992-1995) Hugh Walton
Post Harvest Fisheries Adviser (1987- 1998) Steve Roberts
Coastal Fisheries Coordinator (1983-1995) Garry Preston
Project Assistant (Development) (1989-2001) Marie-Ange Roberts
Fisheries Information Associate (1995-1996) Henry Yule
Fisheries Information Associate (1996-1997) Silika Ngahe
Community Fisheries Adviser (1995-2000) Patricia Tuara
Masterfisherman Trainee (1997-1998) Marsh Uele
Masterfisherman (1998-1999)
Peter Watt
Fisheries Development Officer (1991-1993)
Peter Watt
Community Fisheries Officer (1998-2001) Lyn Lambeth
Fisheries Development Adviser (1989-1996) Peter Cusack
Project Assistant (Information) (1987-2002) Erina Avazeri
Principal Reef Fisheries Scientist (1998-2003) Pierre Labrosse
Seconded Researcher (Reef Fisheries Observatory) (2001-2003) Eric Clua
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