Publications from CFP

Newsletters and Information Bulletins
Including the quarterly SPC Fisheries Newsletter and the Special Interest Group Bulletins (Beche-de-mer, FAD, Live Reef Fish, Pearl Oyster, Sea Safety, Traditional knowledge, Trochus and Women-in-Fisheries).
Handbooks and manuals
Technical and practical manuals produced by the different sections of the Coastal Fisheries Programme.
List of marine resources-related bibliographies published by SPC, the FAO-UNDP Regional Fishery Support Programme, and the Pacific Islands Marine Resources Information System (PIMRIS) - All bibliographies are searchable PDF documents, otherwise stated.
Meeting papers
Papers presented during SPC Regional Meetings on Fisheries and Heads of Fisheries meetings, or presented by SPC staff at non-SPC meetings (this collection also includes the papers presented at the Scientific Committee meetings of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission).
Produced by the different sections of the Coastal Fisheries Programme.
Fish posters, posters on sea safety and other general awareness posters produced by the different sections of the Coastal Fisheries Programme.
Fisheries Address Book
This directory presents a list of addresses useful to Pacific Island fisheries workers and is published annually.
Search the Digital Library for all the technical reports produced by the different projects run within the Coastal Fisheries Programme (PROCFish, DEVFISH, Women-in-Fisheries, Fisheries Development, ICFMAP, IFRP, Reef Resources Assessment and Management Technical Papers, CRISP, SciCOFish, etc.).

The easiest way to find a fisheries - or aquaculture - related publication produced by SPC is to use our Digital Library, which comprises more than 6000 documents, in French and in English. It is regularly updated with the addition of new documents.
All documents can be searched in full text, or by authors, titles and dates.
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