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ACIAR-SPC Asia-Pacific

Tropical Sea Cucumber

Aquaculture Symposium

15-17 February 2011

Noumea, New Caledonia





Asia–Pacific tropical sea cucumber aquaculture
Proceedings of an international symposium held in Noumea, New Caledonia, 15–17 February 2011
Editors: Cathy A. Hair, Timothy D. Pickering and David J. Mills

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Agenda pdf_VerySmall 330ko
Book of Abstracts pdf_VerySmall 2.1Mo
List of participants
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Summary of Day 1 group discussions on hatchery technology issues pdf_VerySmall 48ko
Day 1 - Presentations:

The global potential of sea cucumber aquaculture - by A. Lovatelli

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Overview of sea cucumber aquaculture and stocking research in the Western Pacific region - by R. Jimmy

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Overview of sea cucumber aquaculture and stocking research in the South-East Asian region - by D. Mills et al.

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Large-scale production of sandfish for pond culture in Vietnam - by N.D.Q. Duy et al.

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In vitro fertilization of sea cucumbers, a new method to boost aquaculture production - by I. Eeckhaut

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Ocean nursery systems for scaling-up juvenile sandfish (Holothuria scabra) production: ensuring opportunities for small fishers - by A. Menez et al.

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Small-scale hatcheries and simple technologies for sandfish production - by R. Gamboa et al.

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Sandfish production and development of sea ranching in northern Australia - by W. Bowman

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Hatchery experience and useful lessons from Isostichopus fuscus in Ecuador and Mexico - by A. Mercier & J.-F. Hamel

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Summary of Day 2 group discussions on sandfish sea farming and ranching, and resource tenure issues

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Day 2 - Presentations:

Principles and science of stocking sea cucumbers into the sea - by S. Purcell

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New Caledonia sandfish grow-out in earthen ponds - by N. Agudo

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Pond farming and co-culture options in Vietnam- by D. Mills & M.D.Q. Duy

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Establishment and management of communal sandfish (Holothuria scabra): sea ranching in the Philippines- by A. Menez

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Sandfish production and sea ranching trial in Fiji - by C. Hair

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Development of sea cucumber farming as an alternative livelihood in SW Madagascar - by G. Robinson & B. Pascal

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Sea ranching in an Indigenous community within a heavily regulated fishery (Australia) - by A. Fleming

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Marine tenure and the role of MPAs for sandfish grow-out in the Pacific - by S. Meo et al.

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Pacific ownership and management of sea cucumber stocks (using data and observations from SPC ProcFish surveys) - by K. Pakoa

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Day 3 - Presentations:

Marketing sea cucumber in southeast Asia:  challenges and opportunities - by M. Perez

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Pacific Islands region sea cucumber and beche de mer market analysis - by T. Simos

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Processing cultured tropical sea cucumbers into export product: issues and opportunities - by S. Purcell & N.D.Q. Duy

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Ecological and social considerations for an expanding sea cucumber farming industry - by H. Eriksson

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Sea cucumber markets in the world: Hong Kong, Guangzhou and New York - by J. Akamine

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Decision making tools and their role in sandfish aquaculture development - by B. Johnston

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Sea cucumber aquaculture economic decision-making tools

• Sandfish hatchery nursery model

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• Sandfish pond model

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• Sandfish ranching model

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• Vietnam sandfish model

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The Asia-Pacific tropical sea cucumber aquaculture symposium has been held from 15-17 February 2011 at the Jacques Iekawé Conference Centre, SPC headquarters, Promenade Roger Laroque, Anse Vata, Nouméa, New Caledonia. Organising agencies for the Symposium are the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).

The Symposium was an ACIAR initiative that focused on the current status of research on tropical sea cucumber aquaculture, covering a range of topics such as:

  • recent advances in hatchery production technology,
  • release strategies, farming techniques,
  • management practices,
  • post-harvest technologies for value adding,
  • supply chains and marketing.

The Symposium identified gaps in current knowledge and generated recommendations for future research to support development of sustainable tropical sea cucumber aquaculture. Symposium proceedings have been published following the meeting and are available from the ACIAR website ( pdf 8.5 MB: ).

This Symposium has provided a valuable opportunity to bring together key participants who are actively engaged in progressing tropical sea cucumber culture technology and developing its potential to deliver benefits to coastal communities.

Requests for further information about the Symposium should be emailed to: Ms Cathy Hair.







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