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Kalo Pakoa
Fisheries Scientist (Invertebrates)


Information: Kalo Pakoa is from Vanuatu. He holds a degree in environmental studies and a postgraduate diploma in marine science at the University of the South Pacific. Before joining SPC, Kalo worked with Vanuatu Fisheries for 10 years as Senior Research Officer and later as Head of Fisheries Management and Policy Section. During this time he worked in various areas including reef resources assessment, shellfish mariculture and reseeding researches, coral reef monitoring and reporting, marine aquarium trade management and providing technical advice to the Central Government.

Kalo was part of SPC’s Reef Fisheries Observatory from May 2005 to June 2009. He worked with the biological research team of the Reef Fisheries Observatory under the PROCFish-C project, and undertook reef and lagoon researches on invertebrate resources in the Pacific Island countries. Information collected has been channeled back to countries for use in reef resources management decision making.

He returned to Vanuatu in July 2009 to coordinate the Fisheries and Climate Change Adaptation project with the Department of Fisheries during one year. He was involved in developing Vanuatus’ National Integrated Coastal Management Framework to promote cooperation towards sustainable coastal management and climate change adaptation.

Kalo worked for the SPC's SciCOFish Project as Fisheries Scientist (Invertebrates) from August 2010 to December 2015. He then went back to Vanuatu to take up the position of Director of the Vanuatu Fisheries Department.

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