Coastal Fisheries Programme
Steve Beverly
Fisheries Consultant

465 rue des Frégates
Mont Dore Sud 98809
New Caledonia

Telephone: +687 46 52 89


Steve came to the South Pacific from Hawaii where he had worked as a high-school biology teacher, commercial fisherman, commercial diver, and tugboat operator. After teaching in Hawaii, he turned to tuna longline fishing and fishing for spiny lobsters and bottom snappers in the North-western Hawaiian Islands.

In 1987 he ferried a bottom fish boat from Maui, Hawai'i to Fiji Islands, where he stayed to fish for bottom snappers.

Later, Steve travelled to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pitcairn Islands to do exploratory fishing for bottom fish and crayfish on seamounts. During this time he was involved in an export venture, shipping live crayfish from Doubtful Sound, New Zealand to Japan.

In 1989 Steve returned to Hawaii, just as the swordfish fishery was starting to boom. He eventually found his way back to Fiji to longline fish, later joining SPC as a consultant Masterfisherman. His work included several FAD projects and a two-year tuna longline project in east New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Between projects, he returned to commercial longline fishing in Hawaii and Guam.

Steve has then been a full-time Fisheries Development Officer with SPC from March 1996 to March 2011. During that time he has been involved in several longline projects, FAD workshops, and fish-handling workshops.

Steve is now a self-employed Fisheries Consultant

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