Coastal Fisheries Programme
William Sokimi
Fisheries Development Officer (Fishing Tecnology)

Pacific Community
98848 Noumea Cedex
New Caledonia

Telephone: +687 26 20 00
Fax: +687 26 38 18

Information: William Started his seagoing career on merchant ships in 1981 as a cadet officer on merchant ships where he graduated through the ranks of Second Mate, Chief Mate and Master on a range of vessels including tugboats, tankers, domestic cruise ships, general cargo ships, and container ships mainly within the Pacific/Asia region.

William switched from merchant vessels to commercial fishing vessels in 1989 during the pioneering stages of the Fiji tuna longline fishing industry, when he took up the command of a tuna longline vessel working out of Suva. He later worked as the skipper and fishing master on several other longline vessels and served in IKA Corporation (Fiji) as the skipper and fishing master on the company’s pole and line vessels. William moved on to the Marshall Islands, where he trained local fishermen in tuna longlining techniques to work on the domestic tuna longliners during the development of the country’s domestic tuna longline fishery.

In 1994, William moved back to the Fiji Islands to work on tuna longline vessels targeting sashimi-grade tuna for fresh export. In 1997 he worked for the Marshall Islands Fisheries and Nautical Training Centre as a Fishing Master and Instructor. From the Marshalls William moved on to the Fisheries Training College in Kavieng, Papua New Guinea to teach fishing technology to students. He began work as SPC's Fisheries Development Officer in 1999, and has enjoyed undertaking a range of field assignments in a number of member countries and territories.

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