Coastal Fisheries Programme
Antoine Teitelbaum

Information: Antoine is French. He obtained a diploma in tropical agronomics from ISTOM (France), doing most of his field research in small-scale fishery and rural-based aquaculture in Africa (Guinea, Malawi, Madagascar). He then graduated (MAppSc in Aquaculture and Marine Biology) from the James Cook University in Townsville, Australia, where he did research on pearl oysters, giant clams and mud crabs.

Between 2002 and 2004, Antoine moved to Kiribati where he coordinated the technical aspects of a EU-funded project set up to assist in developing the seaweed industry in the atolls of the Gilbert Group. While in Kiribati, he assisted in managing a small-scale giant clam (Tridacna maxima) hatchery.

Back to France in 2005, he worked in a finfish hatchery/nursery (sea bass, sea bream and jewfish), waiting for the opportunity to return to the Pacific region. In 2005/2006, Antoine was in the Marshall Islands, employed as the technical manager of a large giant clam and coral farm targeting the ornamental market.

From October 2006 to August 2011, Antoine worked with SPC's Coastal Fisheries Programme as an aquaculture officer, specialised in mariculture. He has strong interest in the development of hatchery and grow out techniques of “new” finfish species and a long lasting passion for the aquaculture development within the ornamental trade (fish and invertebrates).

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