Coastal Fisheries Programme
Issue #36 (September 2022)

Editor's note

This 36th edition of the Pacific Community’s Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin has 15 original articles from the Pacific Islands region and beyond. As we all emerge from the global pandemic to a “brave new world”, I feel uplifted by the inspirational stories and work that is happening in the gender and fisheries and aquaculture space, and how much we can all learn from each other.

The current bulletin features the significant investments being made in Fiji and Kiribati to support women in the maritime sector. The first female crew set course for the Pacific offshore fishing industry, while the Kiribati Women in Maritime Association launched its 2022‒2027 Strategic Plan. Tonie Kattil-deBrum shares the key findings from her Master’s research on the practices, experiences and observations of Marshallese women about their environment, society and economy, including their roles in natural resource management. Chelcia Gomese highlights the importance of Indigenous aquatic freshwater foods for rural women in Solomon Islands, while Ayodele Oloko explores gender and food taboos in fisheries of the Global South.

We welcome a number of new lead authors to the bulletin: Tonie K. Kattil-deBrum, Shaunalee Katafono, Margaret Von Rotz and Caroline Vieux.

Sangeeta Mangubhai



Marshallese women and environmental change: Their role and power in resource management
Tonie K. Kattil-deBrum (pdf: 867 KB)
The importance of indigenous freshwater foods for rural women in Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands
Chelcia Gomese, Jillian Tutuo, Joy Ellen Alfred, Evelyn Sendo, Malachi Tefetia, Jocelyn Tepai, Patricia Maike, Priscilla Pitakaka, Anouk Ride and Hampus Eriksson (pdf: 945 KB)
Coral rehabilitation and coastal protection in Sawana Village, Fiji
Isimeli Loganimoce and Semisi Meo (pdf: 627 KB)
Women’s involvement in managing government development projects: A case study from Solomon Islands
Nina Lean Taniveke-Harry (pdf: 704 KB)
Women fish too: Invisible women in tuna industries
Kate Barclay (pdf: 487 KB)
Break the bias: First female crew set course for Pacific fishing industry
Samantha Mattila and Eleona Baselala (pdf: 570 KB)
Promoting women’s participation in Kiribati’s maritime sector
Josephine Kalsuak and Tiantaake Mariana (pdf: 393 KB)
Exploring gender and food taboos in fisheries of the Global South
Ayodele Oloko, Sarah Harper and Kafayat Fakoya (pdf: 237 KB)
Women in fisheries profiles - Mereseini Rakuita
Sian Rolls (pdf: 1 MB)
Women in fisheries profiles Teri Tuxson
Caroline Vieux and Teri Tuxson (pdf: 1 MB)
Women in fisheries profiles Shaunalee Katafono
Shaunalee Katafono (pdf: 987 KB)
Empowering communities in Tonga to protect marine resources and secure livelihoods: A case study for the Too Big To Ignore Global Partnership on small-scale fisheries
Margaret Von Rotz, Ariella D’Andrea and Solène Devez (pdf: 539 KB)
Gender differences in perceptions of coral reef management and conservation outcomes in Fiji, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands
Sarah Harper, Sangeeta Mangubhai, Georgina Grace Gurney, Natalie Ban and Emily Darling (pdf: 672 KB)
New research: Barriers to and benefits of women’s participation in fisheries management in Fiji
Caroline E. Ferguson, Sangeeta Mangubhai, Tanya O’Garra and Elisabeta Waqa. (pdf: 485 KB)
A global review of women’s experiences in governing small-scale fisheries
Madu Galappaththi, Derek Armitage and Andrea M. Collins (pdf: 298 KB)

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Coordinator: Sangeeta Mangubhai,Talanoa Consulting, Fiji

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