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Jonathan Manieva
Fisheries Development Officer (DEVFISH)


Information: Jonathan, from Papua New Guinea, has been the Fisheries Development Officer under the EU-DEVFISH 2 (Development of tuna fisheries in Pacific ACP countries) project from 2010 until December 2015. Jonathan was the Fisheries Development Officer based at SPC in the first phase (2005-2009) of the DEVFISH project.

In his position at SPC, Jonathan main task was to administer the project activities coordinated at SPC. The SPC component of DevFish project phase 2 formally commenced on the 16th November 2010. The project activities that SPC desk was responsible for in this phase fell into these areas:
• Continuing the support in the establishment or enhancement of tuna fishing associations and tuna fishery stakeholder groups (artisanal fishers)
• Industry training for expansion of exports
• Dealing with formal training for enterprise managers
• Dealing with upgrades of artisanal fishing
• Integrated assessment of enforcement and fisheries databases whilst FFA will take lead in:
• Assistance with fisheries development strategies
• Providing technical support to Competent Authorities

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