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Number 14 - February 2001


Group Coordinator and Bulletin Editor:
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Dear readers 

This is the 14th issue of the Bulletin. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have already contributed to it and ask that you take an active role in its improvement, as many of you have already indicated that the Bulletin is useful to you.

Is the current presentation by section, i.e. 1) New Information, 2) Correspondence, 3) Publications, satisfactory? Are there any other new columns that you would like to see included? Your suggestions and comments are necessary for the Bulletin’s development.

In the ‘New Information’ section, the columns on ‘In situ spawning observations’ and ‘Asexual reproduction through fission observations’ have received a favourable response with two new articles.

Many of the articles in this issue deal with sea cucumber aquaculture, in particular, a few summaries and an article on a new hatchery in Madagascar.

This issue includes other articles on the Galapagos and the Singapore market.

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Chantal Conand  


A sea cucumber hatchery and mariculture project in Tulear, Madagascar
Jangoux M., Rasolofonirina R., Vaitilingon D., Ouin J.-M., Seghers G., Mara E., Conand C. (pdf: 122 KB)
The effect of food availability on early growth, development and survival of the sea cucumber Holothuria scabra (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea)
Morgan A.D. (pdf: 182 KB)
Sea cucumber retail market in Singapore
Conand C. (pdf: 103 KB)
Review of sandfish breeding and rearing methods
Pitt R. (pdf: 59 KB)
The Galapagos sea cucumber fishery: A risk or an opportunity for conservation?
Martinez P.C. (pdf: 25 KB)
The process of asexual reproduction by transverse fission in Stichopus chloronotus (greenfish)
Uthicke S. (pdf: 51 KB)
Spawning observations
Putchakarn S. (pdf: 26 KB)

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