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Number 12 - September 1999


Group Coordinator and Bulletin Editor:
Chantal Conand, Université de La Réunion, Laboratoire de biologie marine, 97715 Saint-Denis Cedex, La Réunion, France. Fax: +262 938166

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Dear Readers,

Here is the 12th edition of the Bulletin which has been issued more quickly than usual as enough information had been received to advance its publication date. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have already contributed to the Bulletin and ask that you take an active role in its improvement, as many of you have already indicated that the Bulletin is useful for you. 

The presentation is still by section, i.e. 1) New Information, 2) Correspondence, 3) Publications. Do you find this satisfactory?

• Which section should be given more space?

• In the ÔNew InformationÕ section, how do you find the parts on 'In situ spawning observations' and 'Observations of asexual reproduction through fission '? Your contributions on these topics are important; would you have any related submission that could be included in the next issue?

• The column ‘Aquacultural information’ has been continued thanks to the collaboration of S. Battaglene from ICLARM. Do you find it useful?

• Are there any other new parts that you would like to see included? 

Your suggestions and comments are both useful and necessary for the Bulletin’s development.

Bulletin no. 12 includes an original article about international markets. An important conference took place in Malaysia. Many different aspects of the biology of marketable species and genetics, a new area, are also discussed. 

The next International Echinoderm Conference will be held in New Zealand at the beginning of the year 2000. Its site is

The Echinoderms Newsletter is now also available on the Web at

Chantal Conand  


The Conservation of sea cucumbers in Malaysia, their taxonomy, ecology and trade: International Conference
Anon. (pdf: 42 KB)
Sea cucumber fisheries in Malaysia, towards a conservation strategy
Baine M., Choo P.-Z. (pdf: 49 KB)
The beche-de-mer trade in 1995/1996 and an assessment of exchanges between the main world markets
Jaquemet S., Conand C. (pdf: 28 KB)
Overview: Aspects of sea cucumber industry research and development in the South Pacific
Morgan A.D., Archer J. (pdf: 29 KB)
Allozyme variation as a tool for beche-de-mer fisheries management: A study on Holothuria scabra (sandfish)
Uthicke S., Benzie J. (pdf: 87 KB)
Some news on the Galapagos situation
Anon. (pdf: 21 KB)
Recent trends in beche-de-mer exports from New Caledonia
Etaix-Bonnin R. (pdf: 18 KB)
Holothurian fishery in Washington (USA)
Bradbury A. (pdf: 16 KB)
News from ICLARM, Coastal Aquaculture Centre in the Solomon Islands
Battaglene S. (pdf: 24 KB)
International collaboration for the study and restoration of Holothuria scabra populations in the Solomon Islands
Hamel J.-F., Mercier A. (pdf: 41 KB)

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