Coastal Fisheries Programme

Number 130 (September/December 2009)

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Three important SPC projects concluded in 2009.The SPC Regional Tuna Tagging Programme ended when the fishing vessel Soltai 105 arrived in its base port of Noro, Solomon Islands on 15 October 2009. But, with more than 260,000 fish tagged and 4,000 fish stomachs collected, the data analysis should keep SPC’s Oceanic Fisheries Programme busy for awhile. Funded by the European Union, the PROCFish/C and CoFish projects ended in December 2009. These two ambitious projects aimed at providing SPC’s Pacific Island members with scientific information for use in planning the sustainable management of their reef fishery resources.

Can FADs assist with food security in two costal villages affected by the earthquake that struck Solomon Islands’ Western Province in April 2007? Is there a way forward for tilapia aquaculture in the Pacific Islands region? Can special management areas (SMAs) be considered a success in Tonga? These are just three of the many questions to which authors have tried to reply.

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Aymeric Desurmont
Fisheries Information Officer

In this issue


  • Initial fish silage test in Niue (pdf: )

  • Fair winds and happy sailing to Terii Luciani (pdf: )

  • Pacific Tuna Tagging Progamme: End of the adventure (pdf: )

  • New SPC publication: Longline terminal gear identification guide (pdf: )

  • Community-based ecosystem approach to fisheries management: Guidelines for Pacific Island countries (pdf: )

  • Developing a national coastal management framework for Vanuatu (pdf: )

  • Change of Coastal Fisheries Management Adviser at SPC (pdf: )

  • Wallis and Futuna delegation visits New Caledonia aquaculture facilities (pdf: )

  • End of an era — PROCFish coastal and CoFish projects come to an end (pdf: )


  • Transplanted trochus from Fiji to Tonga - by R.E. Gillett (pdf: )

  • Nearshore fish aggregating devices: A means
    of habitat protection and food security in
    post-disaster Solomon Islands - by J. Prange et al. (pdf: )

  • The diet of tunas: A global comparison - by V. Allain and J. Young (pdf: )

  • New diploma in aquaculture at NMIT (pdf: )


  • Tilapia fish farming in the Pacific - A responsible way forward
    by T. Pickering (pdf: )

  • Success of special management areas in Tonga
    by M.N. Gillett
    (pdf: )

  • Comparative study of the structure of commercial fish populations on Moorea, French Polynesia
    by R.M. Moussa (pdf: )

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