Coastal Fisheries Programme

Number 128 (January/April 2009)

Produced by the Information Section, Marine Resources Division, SPC, B.P. D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia. Fax: (687) 263818.

Produced with financial assistance from France, Australia and New Zealand


Jean-Paul Gaudechoux will leave SPC at the end of June 2009, and has decided to let me drive the preparation of this first 2009 issue, a task he had assumed, with talent and obstinacy, for almost 20 years.

We open this issue with news from the various sections of SPC’s Marine Resources Division. Reporting on all activities run by the Coastal and Oceanic Fisheries Programmes during this four-month period would require many more pages, more than you’d be ready to digest I’m sure. So, we have asked the Sections to concentrate on one or two key projects and their outputs, such as the impressive achievements of the Regional Tuna Tagging Programme, which has already tagged close to 200,000 tunas and skipjacks, or the feasiblity study of the development of tourist-oriented sport fishing activities in the Cook Islands.

I hope you enjoy the articles in this issue. I welcome any feedback on them and encourage fisheries officers and managers from around the region to submit articles about any fisheries-related issues taking place in your country.


Aymeric Desurmont

Fisheries Information Officer

In this issue


Marine Resources Division (pdf: )

  • Tim Adams leaves SPC for a new challenge in Nauru

  • Mike Batty, new Director of SPC Marine Resources Division

Reef Fisheries Observatory (pdf: )

  • PROCFish/C and CoFish team shrinks further

  • Status of country reports

  • Invertebrate resource surveys in Fiji Islands

  • The 11th Pacific Science Inter-Congress

  • Sixth and Final Advisory Committee meeting for PROCFish – record of the meeting

  • Activities of the Live Reef Fish Trade Initiative

  • New booklet published: “Ecosystem approach to fisheries and aquaculture in PICTs”

Regional Tuna Tagging Programme (pdf: )

  • Almost 200,000 fish tagged

Nearshore Fisheries Development and Training Section (pdf: )

  • Feasibility study of sport fishing development in Cook Islands

Coastal Fisheries Management Section (pdf: )

  • Sub-regional workshop on the ecosystem approach to coastal fisheries management held in Guam

  • Tonga’s national ecosystem approach to fisheries management workshop

  • Developing an ecosystem approach to coastal fisheries management for Pakin Atoll, Pohnpei

Aquaculture Section (pdf: )

  • Aquaculture Section 1st quarter 2009 highlights

  • Aquaculture updates from PNG

  • Teaming up for sustainable ornamental aquaculture in Tonga


  • New Caledonian fisheries officers return with lobster farming techniques


  • Database design by example: Aquarium exports database - by F. Magron (pdf: )

  • Coral Reef initiative for the South Pacific (CRISP) - by E. Clua, A. Chenet and C. Dupré (pdf: )

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Fisheries Newsletter #128 (pdf: )


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