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Number 134 (January–April 2011)

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According to the smile of this young fisherman from Vanuatu, there must be some benefits to the establishment of marine protected areas monitored by coastal communities. Nicolas Pascal summarised a cost-benefit analysis he made of five community-based marine protected areas in Vanuatu. Unfortunately, his conclusion is not a complete “thumbs up”, as he notes that “not all investments in MPAs have been recuperated after the first five years, and for some, there is no return on investment even after 25 years of projections.”

Collecting data from artisanal fisheries and developing tools to analyse and use these data for management is a challenge for many, if not all, Pacific Island countries and territories. Guillemot and Ducrocq describe in their article the work done in New Caledonia; how the three provinces have worked at standardising the type of data they collect from fishermen and how relevant management indicators have been developed to monitor small-scale commercial fisheries.

Among the 18 other articles that make up this issue, you will read about some of SPC’s work related to climate change; efforts made in Solomon Islands to improve food security, using fish aggregating devices or aquaculture; training on tuna biological sampling in Pohnpei, copepod culture in Australia, pearl jewellery in Majuro; and more.

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A proud young fisherman and his catch, Vanuatu.

Image: Nicolas Pascal

In this issue


  • Climate change study on Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands (pdf: )

  • Managing the Marshall Islands’ sea cucumber fishery (pdf: )

  • FAD assistance to the Solomon Islands (pdf: )

  • 5th Regional Tuna Data Workshop, Noumea, New Caledonia(pdf: )

  • Biological sampling workshop in Pohnpei (pdf: )

  • Seventh Heads of Fisheries meeting (pdf: )

  • New expertise comes to SPC’s Nearshore Fisheries Development Section (pdf: )

  • Deep Blue: Pacific Island fisheries observers in action (pdf: )

  • New publications from SPC's FAME Division (pdf: )


  • Aquaculture and food security in Solomon Islands (pdf: )

  • Pearl jewellery training in the Marshall Islands (pdf: )

  • New Caledonia lobster aquaculture trials: The season is here! (pdf: )

  • Aquaculture health training trip to Western Australia (pdf: )

  • Aquaculture training cooperation between Australia and New Caledonia (pdf: )

  • CNMI expresses interest in offshore aquaculture (pdf: )

  • Challenges to domestic tuna industry development in the Pacific (pdf: )

  • Bycatch information consolidated in WCPFC database (pdf: )


  • Proper fish handling for quality and safety
    by S. Beverly (pdf: )

  • Developing a database and relevant management indicators for monitoring commercial fisheries
    by N. Guillemot and M. Ducrocq (pdf: )

  • Cost-benefit analysis of community-based marine protected areas: Five case studies in Vanuatu
    by N. Pascal (pdf: )

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