Coastal Fisheries Programme

Number 150 (May–August 2016)

Produced by the Pacific Community, Division of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems, Information Section, BP D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia

Produced with financial assistance from the Australian Government, the European Union, France and the New Zealand Aid Programme


I am delighted to introduce the 150th edition of the SPC Fisheries Newsletter, a milestone marking 46 years since the first issue in 1970.

Our fisheries programme was established in 1954, two years after hosting the first Fisheries Conference in Noumea in 1952 and six years after SPC itself was founded in 1947. Since then, the development of both SPC’s fisheries programmes and the Fisheries Newsletter has reflected the fundamental economic and cultural significance of this sector to Pacific Island people. Today, the Fisheries Newsletter is read throughout the region and internationally, and is considered a primary source of scientific and technical information, advice and advocacy for a sustainable fisheries sector in the Pacific Islands region.

Two feature articles in this 150th edition trace the evolution of SPC’s Coastal and Oceanic Fisheries Programmes, which are now the two main programmes of the Fisheries Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems Division (FAME). Other articles highlight the continued importance of FAME’s role in designing scientific bio-economic models, analytical methodologies and assessment techniques to provide the best scientific projections and advice to assist Pacific Island countries and territories in sustaining the ocean’s health and harnessing its wealth sustainably.

The 150th SPC Fisheries Newsletter is dedicated to past and present SPC staff and to our colleagues and partners throughout the Pacific Island fisheries sector.

Aymeric Desurmont
Fisheries Information Specialist




Reef passage to Nukufetau village, Tuvalu.
(Image: George Vann Temanaui)

In this issue


  • Crossing the bridge between science and management: The 12th meeting of the Scientific Committee of the WCPFC (pdf:)

  • 12th Central Pacific tuna tagging cruise: research area shifts west (pdf: )

  • CSI: Noumea! – Can anyone identify this mysterious fish? Episode 1 (pdf: )

  • SPC releases new identification guide for coastal finfish (pdf: )

  • PC FAME scientists participate in Japanese research cruise on tuna food webs, and on freshwater eel larval migrations (pdf: )

  • A preliminary economic valuation of the sport fishing industry of New Caledonia (pdf: )


  • Tuvalu Fisheries: Moving into the 21st century (pdf: )

  • Samoa villagers celebrate first fish harvest from tilapia floating-cage aquaculture system (pdf: )

  • Solomon Islands’ tuna fishery achieves MSC certification (pdf: )

  • Quantifying benefits from Pacific Island fisheries (pdf: )

  • Pacific region capacity building for CITES sharks and rays (pdf: )

  • Update on beche-de-mer market prices in China (pdf: )

  • Sharing Pacific nearshore FAD expertise (pdf: )


  • Update on ciguatera research in French Polynesia (pdf: )

  • The history of SPC’s involvement in fisheries development in the Pacific – Part 1: The 20th century (pdf: )

  • A short history of the Skipjack Survey and Assessment Programme (SSAP) [Part 1] (pdf: )

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