Coastal Fisheries Programme

Number 1 - March 1996


Editor and Group Coordinator:
Bob (R.E.) Johannes

Information Section, Marine Resources Division, SPC, PO BOX D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia Fax (687) 263818); Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Prepared with financial assistance from France and Australia.

Editor’s mutterings

Welcome to the new Special Interest Group (SIG) on the live reef fish (export and aquarium) trade. This SIG will operate as a network of individuals working in, doing research on, or otherwise concerned about the live reef-fish trade, and will encourage the sharing of ideas, experience and information.

Good news for those of you who are in the front line in the war against the excesses of the live reef food fish (or simply ‘the’) trade. Recent media coverage shows clearly that the world is now taking the fast-spreading environmental damage being done by the trade very seriously. There have been long front-page stories in The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune, as well as major stories in many other newspapers in the US, Australia and South-East Asia. CNN television did two long news stories (broadcast to 210 countries!). A two-page feature article came out in the New Scientist. Voice of America will very likely have broadcast a story on the subject by the time you read this. Time Magazine is carrying out a major investigation of the issue, using several reporters. Much additional media coverage is due in the next few months.

Our principal focus is on SPC member countries, but persons with an active interest in these subjects in any part of the world are encouraged to join this special interest group, submit information to the bulletin and receive the bulletin free. Since the live reef food fish-trade in the Pacific is inextricably linked with East Asia, and the marine aquarium trade is also very significant in the latter region, people from East Asia with an active interest in the subject are especially encouraged to participate.

Contributions to the newsletter are sought, including: details of research on relevant subjects; statistics on the trade, including quantities of live fish, exported/imported by various countries; descriptions of efforts to run the trade on an environmentally sustainable basis; management measures; forthcoming conferences, workshops and other events; copies of reports and newspaper articles for inclusion in the annotated bibliography of recent publications and reports, which we will include in each newsletter; reviews of significant reports, documentaries etc.; questions and requests for information (and responses thereto), contact addresses and other relevant information on people who ought to receive the newsletter; and reports on conferences and workshops.

Bob Johannes


Minutes of the regional workshop on the live reef food-fish trade in Asia and the Western Pacific
Djohani R. (pdf: 149 KB)
The aquarium fishery in the Cook Islands: "Is there a need for management?"
Bertram I. (pdf: 31 KB)
Managing Palau's aquarium life fishery
Graham T.R. (pdf: 44 KB)
Environmental, economic and social implications of the fishery for live coral reef food fish in Asia and the Western Pacific
Johannes R.E., Riepen M. (pdf: 24 KB)

Dead corals in exchange for live fish exports?
by A.A. Alvarez, Jr.

Exploitation of seahorses and pipefishes
by Dr Amanda Vincent

The killing reefs
by L. Dayton

The stressful journey of ornemental marine fish
by J. Banquero

Propagation of reef corals for the international aquarium trade [Phase 1: Cnidaria: Alcyonacea]
by G. Heslinga

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