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Number 19 - November 2011


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From the editor

The long awaited 19th issue of the Pearl Oyster Information Bulletin contains a diverse range of articles relating to the current status of the pearl industry, research articles, and news of new research projects and, as usual, a long list of abstracts from recent publications relating to pearl oysters and pearl production.

The “Industry Notes and Reports” section contains an overview of the pearl component of Ben Ponia’s recent review of aquaculture development in the Pacific Islands region over the past decade. It highlights interesting production trends in Polynesia and the increasing impact of the newer pearl producing countries in the region. This section also contains a summary of the main outcomes from a recent online conference hosted by Jewellery Net Asia, relating to “Markets, Opportunities and Challenges for the Pearl Industry in 2011 and Beyond” as well as a round-up of some of the latest trends at auction sales, and industry news from within the region.

The “Research Notes and Reports” section contains interesting papers relating to inducing anaesthesia for mabe production in Pteria penguin, and efforts to condition adults of this species using commercially available micro-algal pastes. There is also an interesting article on a major research project in French Polynesia focused on “professionalization and sustainability of pearl culture”, which addresses some of the bio-physical aspects impacting pearl culture and carrying capacity in atoll lagoon environments. This section is rounded off by an interesting article on the potential use of freshwater clams for pearl production in Mexico, news of hatchery production of pearl oysters in Eastern Africa, and overviews of new research projects within the region.

There has been a significant addition to the literature on pearl oysters over the past couple of years. Abstracts from many of the more relevant publications are presented in the “Abstracts, reviews and current contents” section of this issue. A large proportion of recent publications in the field relate to the molecular mechanisms controlling nacre secretion and nacre quality, with a huge contribution in this field made by Chinese scientists. I have had to be selective in our coverage of research in this field.

I would like to invite and remind readers that there is a standing invitation for contributions to the Bulletin. We have particular interest in reports or articles relating to pearl industries and research in the Pacific Islands region. Submission of longer articles is encouraged, and updates from research groups and country statements would be particularly appropriate.

The required format for larger articles submitted to the Bulletin — as well as this and previous issues of the Bulletin in pdf format — can be found on the SPC website at:

Finally, it is 50 years since Jean-Marie Domard began growing pearl oysters in Hikueru, French Polynesia in 1961, with the help of Japanese pearl farmer Churoku Muroi. Global celebrations to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Tahitian cultured pearls are being overseen by La Maison de la Perle, which operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Pearl Farming in French Polynesia.

Happy reading!

Paul Southgate


Industry Notes and Reports (pdf: )

Pacific regional pearl production, 1998–2007

Farmers promote consumer education

Hong Kong rises as Tahitian pearl trading hub

Positive outlook for South Sea pearls

Freshwater pearl prices on the rise

Cook Islands pearl industry to be revived with New Zealand’s support

Cook Islands Pearl Forum: Shaping a sustainable future

Pearl Day at the Punanga Nui Market in the Cook Islands

2011 GPS re-mapping project of Manihiki Lagoon

2010 Fiji Pearl Auction

News from J. Hunter Pearls, Fiji

Research Notes and Reports

Research on pearl oyster aquaculture in French Polynesia
Andréfouët S. (pdf: 371 KB)
Using concentrated microalgae to condition winged pearl oyster (Pteria penguin) broodstock
Wassnig M. (pdf: 267 KB)
Potential use of freshwater clams in Tabasco, Mexico for producing pearls and other products
Saucedo P.E. (pdf: 230 KB)
Use of 1-propylene phenoxetol and benzocaine to anaesthetise Pteria penguin (Röding, 1798) for mabe production
Kishore P. (pdf: 300 KB)
ACIAR PARDI Pearl Project
Anon. (pdf: 94 KB)
Hatchery production of black-lip pearl oyster in Tanzania
Anon. (pdf: 142 KB)
Abstracts and New Publications (pdf: )

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