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Number 13 - July 2007 


Bulletin Editors: Jean-François Hamel & Annie Mercier, Ocean Sciences Centre (OSC), Memorial University, St. John’s (Newfoundland), Canada A1C 5S7.

Production: Information Section, Marine Resources Division, SPC, BP D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia. Fax: +687 263818.

Produced with financial assistance from Australia, France and New Zealand.


A few months ago, when we became editors of the SPC Trochus Information Bulletin, we knew we would be exchanging ideas and experiences with dedicated people and acquiring a greater understanding of trochus and other fascinating molluscs. We are now proud to offer you this “lucky” issue #13. You will find that it further reflects the new wider scope of the Bulletin, extending to non-trochid marine molluscs.

On the menu for this issue are two surveys from the Cook Islands contributed by Charlotte Chambers (Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh): one on trochus resources (Trochus niloticus) and the other on giant clams (Tridacna maxima). You will also find a report from Do Huu Hoang and collaborators (Institute of Oceanography, Vietnam) outlining the first results of a project on trochus grow-out and stock enhancement in Vietnam. We also include a short note on the behaviour and development of a colourful opisthobranch (Hydatina physis) from the Solomon Islands. Finally, we have compiled an extensive list of recent abstracts from books, articles and conferences that pertain to many species and topics of interest to marine malacologists worldwide.

In concluding this introduction, we cordially invite you to submit your contributions for issue #14. We hope to receive diversified submissions from collaborators working on trochus or any other species of gastropods and bivalves. While the focus remains on Indo-Pacific species, contributions from other regions are appreciated as well. As you know, the Bulletin is open to a number of subject matters, including biology (e.g. distribution, spawning, development, feeding, diseases, etc.), resource management (e.g. fishery, farming, aquaculture, aquarium industry, etc.) and conservation issues. We welcome both complete
articles and short notes on these topics, not to mention pertinent informal bits (announcements, news, book excerpts or reviews, and summaries of theses, published work and conferences). Please feel free to spread the word, and to contact us if you have new ideas or want to discuss the content of your prospective contribution.

We remind you that the SPC Trochus Information Bulletin is published in English and French, distributed worldwide and indexed in databases such as ASFA. It is also available on the Internet through the SPC webpages, where you will also find our complete instructions for authors (http://coastfish.spc.int/doc/coastfish_docs/SIG-instructions.pdf).

Molluscs are among the most studied marine invertebrates on the globe; we therefore look forward to new reports and pertinent information from all of you who share this wonderful passion. Meanwhile, please enjoy issue #13 of this Bulletin!

Jean-François Hamel and Annie Mercier


Trochus (Trochus niloticus) size and abundance in Tongareva Lagoon, Cook Islands
Chambers C.N.L. (pdf: 211 KB)
Pasua (Tridacna maxima) size and abundance in Tongareva Lagoon, Cook Islands
Chambers C.N.L. (pdf: 318 KB)
Experiments on using hatchery-reared Trochus niloticus juveniles for stock enhancement in Vietnam
Hoang D.H., Tuan V.S., Hoa N.X., Sang H.M., Lu H.D., Tuyen H.T (pdf: 259 KB)
Development and movement of the opisthobranch, Hydatina physis, in the Solomon Islands
Hamel J.-F., Mercier A. (pdf: 193 KB)

Abstracts and new publications (pdf: )

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