Coastal Fisheries Programme
Issue #30 (September 2019)

Editor's note

This 30th issue of the Pacific Community’s Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin includes 18 original articles on a diversity of topics, including gender and development, mud crabs, national gender analyses and mangrove management. This bulletin also highlights two unique and creative approaches that are being used to highlight the vital role that women play in the coastal fisheries sector: 1) Wan Smol Bag Theatre in Vanuatu is using plays to discuss gender roles in the context of declining fisheries, climate change and population growth; and 2) The Wildlife Conservation Society launched Fiji’s first sustainable seafood cookbook, which illuminates the role of women in fisheries, while promoting sustainable seafood choices by consumers.

This issue includes articles from the Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, and features new Pacific Island female and male authors such as Ruth Konia from The Nature Conservancy in Papua New Guinea, and Pita Neihapi from the Pathways project in Vanuatu. And for those who want a bit of inspiration, we have profiled three women in leadership positions in fisheries agencies in Kiribati, Samoa and Solomon Islands. We also introduce Dr Manumatavai Tupou-Roosen, who is the first female Director-General for the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency.

Sangeeta Mangubhai



Reflecting on 29 issues of the SPC Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin
Berdejo V., Navuta K., Mangubhai S. (pdf: 805 KB)
Reflections on gender, fisheries and managing the environment: Solomon Islands case study.
Yadao-Evans W., Bero Kauhiona D. (pdf: 933 KB)
Women fishers in Fiji launch a mud crab management plan for their fishery
L Giffin A., Naleba M., Fox M., Mangubhai S. (pdf: 783 KB)
‘Twisting and spinning’ theatre into coastal fisheries management: Informing and engaging communities to address challenges.
Neihapi P., Sokach A., Koran D., Devine J., Dorras J., Andrew N., Steenbergen D.J. (pdf: 1 MB)
Mangoro Market Meri: Women working together to protect their mangroves and build secure futures for their communities
Konia R., Masike B., James R. (pdf: 878 KB)
Gender-inclusive facilitation for community-based marine resource management.
Kleiber D., Cohen P., Teioli H. et al. (pdf: 375 KB)
A gender analysis of the fisheries sector in the Federated States of Micronesia
Makhoul M., Lee Kunatuba J., Kinch J. (pdf: 510 KB)
Women in fisheries profiles: Rosalie Masu
Anon. (pdf: 298 KB)
Women in fisheries profiles: Ulusapeti Teleasau Tiitii
Anon. (pdf: 247 KB)
Women in fisheries profiles:Tooreka Teemari
Anon. (pdf: 197 KB)
Women in fisheries profiles:Dr Manumatavai Tupou-Roosen
Anon. (pdf: 319 KB)
Innovate for change, our fisheries future: A women in fisheries panel on International Women’s Day in Solomon Islands
Gomese C., Boso D. (pdf: 413 KB)
What does economic empowerment look like for women fishers in the Pacific?
Chetty T. (pdf: 212 KB)
Illuminating gender dimensions of hidden harvests.
Harper S., Kleiber D. (pdf: 592 KB)
Mainstreaming gender, social inclusion and human rights-based approaches – A key to integrated programming
Makhoul N., Kinch J. (pdf: 491 KB)
Winners and losers of sea cucumber exports from Palau
Ferguson C. (pdf: 360 KB)
Kusima mada: Fiji’s first sustainable seafood cookbook showcases women in fisheries
Mangubhai S., Allport J. (pdf: 584 KB)

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Coordinator: Sangeeta Mangubhai, Director, Wildlife Conservation Society– Fiji Country Program, Fiji

Production: Pacific Community, Fisheries Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems Division, Information Section, BP D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia

Prepared with financial assistance from the Australian Government, the European Union, France and the New Zealand Aid Program

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