Programme Pêche Côtière
Michel Bermudes
Mariculture and Aquatic Biosecurity Specialist

Pacific Community
Nouema Cedex 98848
New Caledonia

Téléphone: +687 26 20 00
Fax: +687 26 38 18


Michel joined the Pacific Community in September 2015, after a 20-year career in aquaculture and fisheries, having been involved in a range of projects in government and private sectors including crustacean fisheries assessment and management, lobster export, fish nutrition and more recently shellfish hatchery production and farming in Tasmania, where he managed hatchery production for the largest oyster seed supplier in Australia.

Michel holds a PhD in aquaculture from the University of Tasmania on the physiology of spiny lobster larvae. Now working with the Pacific Community, Michel puts his commercial aquaculture experience to develop systems that can improve food security in small island states.

Within the SPC FAME team, Michel’s role is in providing training and advice on technical aspects of mariculture development in the region, as well as strategic advice to countries for a rational approach to aquaculture development at national and regional levels. Michel’s areas of interest include:

  • shellfish aquaculture, including seed supply systems and supply chain solutions from seed to plate;
  • development of hatchery technology adapted to the context of the region;
  • development of low-tech aquaculture commodities to satisfy food security and livelihood; and
  • development of aquaculture research and production networks in the Pacific region.

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