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Learn to recognize fishes and invertebrates from Pacific Island countries and territories with this application

At the moment one dataset is available :


Common coastal food fishes of the Pacific Islands region.

This dataset contains approximately 320 of the most commonly targeted coastal sharks, rays and bony fishes in the Pacific Islands region. It is based on the Identification guide to the common coastal food fishes of the Pacific Islands region (Brad Moore and Boris Colas) produced by the Pacific Community (SPC) to assist fisheries officers with the identification of the common coastal food fishes encountered in catches or during market surveys.


More datasets will be added for other marine species such as aquarium fish, invertebrates, etc.


This application has been produced with financial assistance from the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the European Union through the ‘Scientific Support for the Management of Coastal and Oceanic Fisheries in the Pacific Islands Region’ (‘SciCOFish’) project.

Photos from the datasets are copyrighted and may not be used without the permission of their respective authors.

Loading datasets


When running the application for the first time or if not all images are loaded, the application will show you the data loader interface. You can select whether you prefer to download low resolution or high resolution pictures (low resolution pictures are often sufficient for mobile phones, but you might prefer high resolution images for tablets). In Pacific areas with limited bandwidth, prefer low resolution images.

Then press Start loading to download the fish descriptions and the pictures.

If you cancel the loading, you can resume at later time.



Home page


From the home page, you can Browse species to access information on various fish species, Test yourself on your knowledge of species scientific names.

You can also access description of a specific species using the common name and scienfic name indexes.

The help page provides information about the FAO codes and distribution legend.


Browsing species


Scroll up and down to select the fish family you are interested in and click on the corresponding name / shape outline to browse the available species for that family.

You can also navigate back to the home page using the navigation bar at the top, or swipe left to right to show the menu.


Scroll up and down to browse the species within a family or swipe left and right to change family. To get more information about a species, click on the picture.


You can navigate back to the families selection page using the navigation bar at the top


The code on the right side of the species name is the FAO code, when available (for example AXQ for Acanthurus achilles), or a more generic code (at the genus/family taxonomic level) otherwise.


The species page display the identification keys for that particular species, as well as maximum length and distribution.

The codes in the distribution table are ISO country codes of Pacific Countries and Territories.


You can swipe left and right to navigate between species of the same family, or use the navigation bar to move back to family page using the navigation bar.


Test yourself

Select the species scientific name corresponding to the picture above. The difficulty increases with time with the proposal of species names of the same genus and/or species which look similar and are often mistaken.


Technical support

For suggestions/technical support, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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