Coastal Fisheries Programme

Marine species identification manual for horizontal longline fishermen

by L. Chapman, P. Sharples, D. Brogan, A. Desurmont, S. Beverly and W. Sokimi

The overall aim of this manual is to improve and increase the amount and accuracy of catch data provided by domestic tuna longline fishermen in the Pacific region when they complete their catch and effort logsheet. This manual will enable fishermen to more accurately identify the fish they catch and to record species previously not recorded because fishermen did not know what they were, or considered them insignificant or irrelevant.

The manual is presented in 10 sections for ease of use. Each section starts with a list of the species covered in the section with the scientific, standard FAO English and French names, and the FAO species code to be used by fishermen when completing their logsheets. Within each species group, similar species have been presented on opposite pages, or over the page, to make identification easier.

Download the complete English/French version:pdf_VerySmall pdf:

Table of contents
Cover, Acknowledgements, Introduction and Index (pdf: )
Tunas (pdf: )
Billfish (pdf: )
Sharks (pdf: )
Other fish species (pdf: )
Sea turtles (pdf: )
Seabirds (pdf: )
Toothed whales (pdf: )
Dolphins (pdf: )
Damaged fish (pdf: )
Baitfish (pdf: )

Download the Chinese/English version:pdf_VerySmall pdf:

Download the Taiwanese/English version:pdf_VerySmall pdf:


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