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size-limitsSize limits and other coastal fisheries regulations used in the Pacific Islands region

prepared by the Coastal Fisheries Management and Fisheries Information Sections

This booklet was prepared as one of SPC’s commitments under the Strategic plan for fisheries management and sustainable coastal fisheries in the Pacific Islands, which was developed by Pacific Island countries and endorsed by the third Heads of Fisheries Meeting in August 2003. The booklet assists PICs in achieving Goal 3 of the strategic plan, which calls for development of practical and enforceable fisheries regulations.

This booklet is a vehicle for sharing knowledge between the islands of the Pacific Community about the basic fishery management measures that have been used in different places for regulating particularly important or potentially vulnerable species.


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Table of contents:


Size limits and other fisheries regulations:




Turban shells
Triton shells


Spiny lobsters
Slipper lobsters
Mantis shrimps
Coconut crab
Mangrove crab
Other crabs


Sea cucumbers - beche-de-mer

Sea turtles

Bony fish

Acanthuridae (surgeonfish, tangs, unicornfish)
Belonidae (needlefish)
Carangidae (jacks and pompanos)
Centropomidae (snooks)
Chanidae (milkfish)
Gerreidae (mojarras)
Kuhliidae (aholeholes)
Kyphosidae (sea chubs)
Labridae (wrasses)
Leiognathidae (slimys, slipmouths or ponyfish)
Lethrinidae (emperors or scavengers)
Lutjanidae (snappers)
Mugilidae (mullets)
Mullidae (goatfish)
Scaridae (parrotfish)
Scombridae (mackerels, tunas, bonitos)
Serranidae (groupers and fairy basslet)
Siganidae (rabbitfish)
Sphyraenidae (barracudas)

Various techniques for measuring fisheries resources




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