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trolling-coverthTrolling techniques for the Pacific Islands
A manual for fishermen

by G. Preston, P. Mead, L. Chapman and P. Taumaia

This manual has been written to help Pacific Island fishermen improve their fishing success when trolling, particularly in a commercial or semi-commercial situation. The information it contains has been compiled from the discussions and written records of the South Pacific Commission's fisheries development staff. These officers have a combined experience of over 40 years in fishing and training fishermen in Pacific Island countries.

The manual is intended to act as a guide to the basics of good trolling, for use by interested individual. However, a major aim of the manual is also to be useful in supplementing the formal training activities carried out by the South Pacific Commission and by national fisheries development agencies and extension officers. We have therefore tried to present as much information as possible in a visual form, for the benefit of the many Pacific Islanders whose first language is not English. For the same reason, the text has been kept as simple and non-technical as possible.


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Table of contents
Cover; Acknowledgements; Table of contents; Introduction (pdf: )

Chapter 1: Trolling basics (pdf: )

Some trolling terms and trolling in general in the Pacific.

Chapter 2: Preparing a trolling boat (pdf: )

Different gear needed on a boat to go trolling and store the catch.

Chapter 3: Preparing trolling lines (pdf: )

Construction of trolling lines, the knots and the different items used.

Chapter 4: Baits and lures (pdf: )

How to rig different lures and different dead baits for trolling.

Chapter 5: Trolling techniques (pdf: )

Trolling techniques used along a reef, in open water, with surface tuna schools and around fish aggregating devices (FADs).

Chapter 6: Fishing action (pdf: )

The way to fight fish on different lines, how to land them and how to handle, clean and preserve them in ice

Chapter 7: Commonly caught fish (pdf: )

Some of the characteristics of the fish commonly caught trolling in the Pacific.

Chapter 8: After fishing (pdf: )

Maintenance and cleaning of the vessel at the end of a trip and record keeping.

Chapter 9: Trouble at sea (pdf: )

Some of the common accidents and injuries that occur and how to deal with these.

Appendices: 1 and 2 (pdf: )

Traditional Pacific pole-trolling and further reading on trolling in general.



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