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Lower_costManual on fish aggregating devices (FADs):
Lower-cost moorings and programme management

by L. Chapman, B. Pasisi, I. Bertram, S. Beverly & W. Sokimi

Fish aggregating device (FAD) material prices sharply increased in the late 1990s and SPC was asked to conduct experiments on FAD buoy and mooring configurations to reduce cost and increase the life of FAD units. The results of these experiments are summarised in this manual.

The authors also present mechanisms by which FAD user groups could be encouraged to play an active and sustainable role in user-management of FADs and to produce a guide for managing national FAD programmes (monitoring, maintenance, funding options, design improvements, including assessment of the efficiency of sub-surface FADs).

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Table of contents:

Introduction and background

Planning and implementing FAD programmes

New FAD designs from past and present experiences

Site selection and deployment

Maintaining, monitoring and financing FAD programmes

Concluding remarks



A. Construction details for steel spar buoy (adapted from Gates at al. 1996)
B. Construction notes for a concrete fad anchor (adapted from Gates et al. 1996)
C. Sample maintenance record


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