Coastal Fisheries Programme
best practices

for the collection, transport, holding and export of fish and corals in the aquarium trade

by Colette Wabnitz and Tony Nahacky


These guidelines were compiled and based on what is currently considered as “best practice” in the collection, transport, holding and export of marine aquarium organisms that are destined for the hobby trade, rather than, for example, public aquaria. However, and perhaps most importantly, they also describe procedures that will hopefully contribute to the long-term sustainability of local resources, which, in turn, is essential for sustaining the local trade and economy.

While these practices are based on the best available information at the time of writing, are informed through experience, and fine‐tuned to best fit a range of local conditions and settings in the Pacific Islands region, they cannot possibly be, and are not meant to be, fully comprehensive. There are many means to ensure that fish and corals are collected, held and shipped in perfect conditions and arrive alive and in good health. Here, we have attempted to compile – as succinctly as possible – suggestions on how to achieve this without being prescriptive.


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