Coastal Fisheries Programme
Digital Library Interoperability



The FAME digital library is compliant with OAI-PMH 2.0 and can be harvested from


See OAI-PMH 2.0 for more information about that protocol.


You can also use the search api to make queries and retrieve JSON results


Examples of GET queries

Examples of POST queries to

"simpleSearchText":"title:\"Yellowfin tuna\"", "advancedSearchText1": "[1990 TO 1995]", "advancedSearchField1": "year" }
"advancedSearchText1": "Turtles",
 "advancedSearchField1": "content",
  "advancedSearchText2": "Dalzell",
  "advancedSearchField2": "authors",
repositoryId guid of the repository, by default SPC repository f6ae28a8-893b-4f22-a1d7-80d1a276a1a3
luceneIndexId guid of the index, by default main index 7db8d467-e7b5-4393-80a7-f67b23cdb19c
searchInterfaceId guid of the search interface, by default main search interface 89f2e5ca-c969-41f1-bbb4-dfec0a82cd50
countryId guid of the country (faceted search) f479559e-810a-41da-b521-8cc9d8cc399e
fieldId guid of the field (faceted search) f32409bd-7e29-4f85-a9dd-1470c96b6034
contentTypeId guid of the content type (faceted search) 05573e1d-e779-448b-b254-8935db9a380c
periodicalId guid of the periodical (faceted search) 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
collectionId guid of the collection (faceted search) 199739e4-709e-4e0a-ae5b-a49782988713
simpleSearchText free form or Lucene syntax search string Yellowfin Tuna
operator Boolean query operator: AND|OR OR
advancedSearchText1 search a specific field 1 Deep water snapper
advancedSearchField1 field 1 to search : title|authors|year|content title
advancedSearchText2 search a specific field 2 Dalzell
advancedSearchField2 field 2 to search : title|authors|year|content authors
advancedSearchText3 search a specific field 3 1996
advancedSearchField3 field 3 to search : title|authors|year|content years
englishDocuments include or not English documents: true/false true
frenchDocuments include or not French documents: true/false false
portugueseDocuments include or not Portguese documents: true/false false
pageNumber page number used for paging 1
pageSize page size (number max of results) 10
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