Coastal Fisheries Programme
Number 10 - May 1998 


Group Coordinator and Bulletin Editor:
Chantal Conand, Université de La Réunion, Laboratoire de biologie marine, 97715 Saint-Denis Cedex, La Réunion, France. Fax: +262 938166

Information Section, Marine Resources Division, SPC, B.P. D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia. Fax: (687) 263818;

Produced with financial assistance from the European Union through the EU/SPC PROCFish project


This 10th edition of the Bulletin gives us an opportunity to review the progress made in the ‘sea-cucumber sector’ information system in broad terms. After beginning in the tropical Pacific, the Bulletin has gradually acquired a wide international audience, while sea cucumber fisheries, often a source of conflict, have grown.

Readers, I would like to thank all those who have already contributed to the Bulletin, and ask that you take an active role in its improvement, as many of you have already indicated that the Bulletin is useful for you. I would be very interested in having your opinion on the following questions:

· Is the current presentation by section, i.e. 1) New Information, 2) Correspondence, 3) Publications, satisfactory?

· Which section should be given more space?

· In the ‘New Information’ section, parts on ‘In situ spawning observations’ and ‘Asexual reproduction through fission observations’ have been introduced. This issue will for the first time include a part on ‘Aquacultural information’, with help from S. Battaglene at ICLARM. Are there any other new parts that you would like to see included?

Your suggestions and comments are both useful and necessary.

This Bulletin includes original articles on the resources of several different countries, including Malaysia, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Sulawesi, Indonesia. Many different aspects of the biology of asexual reproduction through fission and identifying specimens are discussed. And a contribution on the aquaculture of the species Stichopus japonicus will certainly meet the expectations of those interested in this activity.

Chantal Conand  


The taxonomy and exploitation of sea cucumbers in Malaysia
Baine M., Forbes B. (pdf: 138 KB)
Sustainable management of the sea cucumber fishery sector in Madagascar
Conand C., De.San M., Refeno G., Razafintseheno G., Mara E., Andriajatovo S. (pdf: 79 KB)
Sea cucumber exploitation in the Toliara region of south-west Madagascar
Rasolofonirina R., Conand C. (pdf: 135 KB)
Laamu atoll mariculture project: Low profile cage for retaining sea cucumbers
Reichenbach M., Nishar Y., Shakeel A. (pdf: 91 KB)
Fission in a population of Stichopus chloronotus on Reunion Island, Indian Ocean
Conand C., Armand J., Dijoux N., Garryer J. (pdf: 194 KB)
Technical development in seed production of the Japanese sea cucumber, Stichopus japonicus
Ito S., Kitamura H. (pdf: 176 KB)
Photo-identification of Stichopus mollis
Raj L. (pdf: 150 KB)
Preliminary notes on the exploitation of holothurians in the new Wakatobi Marine National Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Moore A. (pdf: 99 KB)
A summary about holothurians in Mozambique
Abdula R. (pdf: 102 KB)
Aquaculture section
Battaglene S. (pdf: 42 KB)
In situ spawning observations
Jardin C., Durville P. (pdf: 114 KB)

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