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Number 06 - January 2000


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Welcome to the first Trochus Information bulletin for the year 2000. Yes, after more than two years since the last issue, we finally have enough material to justify issue number 6. And what a battle it has been to get people to contribute!!

In this issue we have articles from Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Samoa, and New Caledonia, as well as an update on the ACIAR reseeding project. There are also a few abstracts describing trochus research that has occurred in recent years, as well as information on a new manual on marine snail (trochus and green snail) seed production and restocking. I was hoping to get a few contributions from other countries that I KNOW are doing a lot of work, such as Tonga and Vanuatu, but no doubt other pressing priorities have not left time for these countries to contribute?

As I do not yet seem to have learnt the trick of extracting articles from all you researchers out there, and due to heavy work commitments (yes, I do now have a real job, at least for the next 2 years), this first issue for 2000 will also be the final issue with yours truly as Technical Editor. For the next issue, the reins have been passed over to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , currently with Western Australian Fisheries. As a researcher who is in close contact with what is happening in the ACIAR project, as well as other trochus research, he will be in a better position to see that these pages are filled and bulletins issued on a more regular basis. However, to ensure that the bulletin does not become a purely "scientific journal" I would encourage the Pacific Island researchers, as well as those involved in marketing and processing, of trochus and green snail to continue (or begin!!) to submit their articles on what is happening in their own country.

A little side issue. On a recent visit to Rarotonga for home leave, I noticed a large increase in trochus abundance in the four marine protected areas (ra’ui) established there two years ago. It really was incredible how many large trochus could be found at some of these sites, though the sites were quite small. At one particular site, approaching the reef flat in Nikao, they were so abundant you had to be careful where you put your feet for fear of stepping on them. To me, this really confirms the value of having reserves for trochus and other marine animals. These ra’ui sites were established in Rarotonga on the initiative of local traditional leaders, and have been well respected by the community. I encourage other communities to take the initiative to establish small reserves where possible, and not wait forever for governments to pass legislation. The breeding populations that thrive in such reserves will assist in replenishing stocks in other areas, leading to a more valuable fishery in what can sometimes be a remarkably short time.

On that final note, I will now step down from my soapbox, and wish you all the best in your marine resource management efforts in the new millenium. I would also like to wish Dr Lee all the best with his new role as Editor, and thank those of you who have assisted me in the past by making contributions.

Kelvin Passfield



Trochus transshipment to Atiu, Mauke and Takutea islands, Cook Islands
Ponia B. (pdf: 39 KB)
Social dimensions of trochus fishery management in Solomon Islands
Foale S. (pdf: 43 KB)
Introduction of the Green snail Turbo marmoratus to Samoa
Trevor A. (pdf: 24 KB)
The current status of introduced trochus in Fakaofo, Tokelau
Passfield K., Pelasio M. (pdf: 117 KB)
ACIAR Trochus Reseeding Research Project in northern Australia, eastern Indonesia and the Pacific extended for another two years
Lee C.L. (pdf: 27 KB)
Recent developments in trochus shell export from New Caledonia
Etaix-Bonnin R. (pdf: 29 KB)

Abstracts and new publications (pdf: )

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