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Number 12 - July 2007 


Bulletin Editor: Warwick Nash.

Production: Information Section, Marine Resources Division, SPC, BP D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia. Fax: +687 263818.

Produced with financial assistance from the European Union.


In keeping with the theme of broadening the Trochus Information Bulletin to other gastropod species, this issue contains articles and news on Trochus niloticus and several other gastropods. The themes of the articles are diverse. There are two papers by Jean-François Hamel and Annie Mercier on the spawning and development or general biology of two non-trochid species (the egg cowry, Ovula ovum, and the spider conch, Lambis lambis) in the Marshall Islands. Three papers by Gilbert David explore the management of Trochus niloticus fisheries, covering the economics of the fishery, development of indicators of stock depletion, and types of management.

A note on the editorship of the Trochus Information Bulletin: Chan Lee, the previous editor, passed the baton to me after overseeing the production of five issues. Shortly after taking on this role, the scope of my job with the WorldFish Center broadened, and - as the lateness of the release of this issue indicates - my ability to give the Bulletin the attention it needs, from canvassing articles through to editing them, was diminished. As a result, this will be the first (and last) issue of the Bulletin that I edit.

Thus, the Trochus Information Bulletin is now seeking a new editor. The position requires someone who is willing to cast the net widely for useful and interesting articles among biologists, socioeconomists and fishery managers at all levels (government, university, NGO or within coastal communities themselves). The geographical focus has traditionally been the Pacific, but in the past couple of issues, readers may have noticed an increasing number of articles from southern and south-east Asia and the Middle East. This is a desirable trend that should be continued.

If you are interested in this role, please contact Aymeric Desurmont, SPC Fisheries Information Specialist, by email, telephone (+687 262000) or letter (SPC, BP D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia).

Warwick Nash


Socio-economic and bio-economic indicators for rational exploitation of trochus: General considerations
David G. (pdf: 89 KB)
Indicators for village-scale trochus management as part of government/community co-management arrangements
David G. (pdf: 84 KB)
At what level should trochus management take place: At the fisher or market level?
David G. (pdf: 97 KB)
Note on the spawning and development of the common spider conch Lambis lambis
Hamel J.-F., Mercier A. (pdf: 179 KB)
Observations on the biology of the common egg shell Ovula ovumin Majuro, Marshall Islands
Hamel J.-F., Mercier A. (pdf: 173 KB)

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