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Development of Tuna Fisheries in the Pacific ACP Countries Project (DEVFISH)

Pacific Island countries need policy change to increase local industry development to create economic growth. Currently local fishing industry has low numbers of jobs, poor earnings from employment and a low impact on poverty alleviation and food security. For example, Pacific Islands countries catch just $200 million worth of tuna from its fisheries while foreign nations fishing in the same waters catch over $1 billion.

The Development of Tuna Fisheries in the Pacific ACP Countries Project (DEVFISH) is a European Union funded regional project, which encourages governments to make policy changes that can make it easier for local Pacific fishing industries to grow and profit. It is jointly run by FFA and the Nearshore Fisheries Development Section of SPC.

Activities to achieve this goal include analysis, consultation and training at the regional level on shared and common aspects of tuna development. On the national level, DEVFISH supports a range of activities such as strengthening fish producers' associations and improving consultation between private sector and Government, helping with seafood safety requirements for access to European markets and creating national plans for development.

The FFA/SPC DevFish Project's website is hosted by FFA. Read current DEVFISH regional and national reports and media releases on FFA website.

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