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From September 2023, please join us on the new website of the Pacific Community's Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems (FAME) Division at:


The current SPC's Coastal Fisheries Programme webpages will remain accessible until all content has been transferred to the new site. However, it will no longer be updated.





SPC Fisheries Newsletter #170

Thirteen original articles covering topics as diverse as the development of biodegradable FADs, the use an epigenetic clock to age fish, the efficiency of Tonga's special management areas, coastal fisheries legal profiles of all Pacific Islands recently made available online, using length-based spawning potential ratio to manage coastal fisheries in Wallis and Futuna; and the connectivity of four key coastal fisheries species in Kiribati.



Pacific handbook for human rights, gender equity and social inclusion in tuna industries

The Pacific handbook for human rights (HR), gender equity and social inclusion (GESI) in tuna industries is an illustratively tailored guide designed to assist fisheries practitioners in national agencies, the private sector, training institutions or civil society organisations to better understand and apply HR/GESI lenses with the prosperous vision of an inclusive, equitable and socio-economically thriving Pacific tuna industry.



SPC Beche-de-mer Information Bulletin #43

Twelve original articles and scientific observations from around the world are included in this issue. The first article by Ducarme et al. describes the results of a one-year sea cucumber survey conducted in Vanuatu (South Pacific) during 2019/2020. Then, Paderanga et al. give us information on the distribution and abundance of white teatfish in the area of Medano White Island Marine Fish Sanctuary in the Philippines.



Legal guide to enabling & strengthening coastal fisheries co-management in the Pacific

This guide is intended to support fisheries agencies of PICTs in assessing and improving their co-management legislative frameworks to enable local fishing communities to meet their aspirations for healthy coastal ecosystems while preserving their livelihood




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