Coastal Fisheries Programme
Issue #37 (March 2023)

Editor's note

This 37th edition of the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin has 19 original articles from the Pacific region. As borders opened, most organisations have quickly ramped up their work. As a result, there has been an astounding surge of work on gender in fisheries and aquaculture. We seemed to be making real progress on getting gender recognised as an integral part of the sector.

Jonathan Fisk shares work from American Samoa to document fishing practices of women and fa'afafine and their broader relationalities with the seas, and the value of taking a gender-intentional approach. Victoria Syddall writes on men’s experience of gender-based violence, as she explores the roles and experiences of women and men in tuna fisheries in Fiji. Tarateiti Uriam Timiti describes fisheries management efforts of Tabonibara women in Kiribati. Cherie Morris provides details of the University of the South Pacific’s new gender and environment tertiary educational programme. The Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation in Fiji has published a statistics rich report on their Gender Transformative Institutional Capacity Development Initiative that is worth a read. Lastly, I am proud to share some of my own work with Pacific Islands and Australian colleagues where we put forth some ideas on how to progress gender equality in fisheries by building strategic partnerships with development organisations.

There are many new projects, publications, and research in the Pacific region, and I am grateful to all our authors and their organisations who take the time to share their work. We welcome a number of new lead authors to the bulletin – Jonathan Fisk, Jill Houma, Zafiar Naaz, Nettie Thomas Sapa, Tarateiti Uriam Timiti and Alani Tuivucilevu.

Sangeeta Mangubhai



Contributions of fisherwomen’s indigenous fishing knowledge to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021–2030)
Kitolelei S., Kitolelei J. (pdf: 484 KB)
Gleaning the expanse: Gender and invisibilised dimensions of fisheries in American Samoa
Fisk J., Matagi N., Kleiber D. (pdf: 213 KB)
Progressing gender equality in fisheries by building strategic partnerships with development organisations
Mangubhai S., Lawless S., Cowley A., Mangubhai J.P., Williams M.J. (pdf: 736 KB)
Men experience gender-based violence, too: Exploring the roles and experiences of women and men in tuna fisheries in Fiji
Sydall V.M. (pdf: 754 KB)
The significance of traditional practices in the Lau Islands, Fiji, and their importance to women for sustainable protection and production
LoganimoceI., Meo S. (pdf: 899 KB)
Tabonibara women’s continued journey into fisheries management
Timiti T. U., Vanguna T., Ebanrerei E., Tonganibeiaand T., Karekennatu I. (pdf: 589 KB)
Analysing the roles of men and women in the Marshall Islands’ fisheries sector: Supporting opportunities to mainstream gender
Fox M., Garcia-Imhof C., Edwards F. (pdf: 229 KB)
Coastal community perspectives on key issues concerning gender equality and social inclusion in Western Province, Solomon Islands
Makhoul N., Panda R., Kwalai R., Kama J., Posala R., Ride A. (pdf: 614 KB)
New opportunities to mainstream gender into regional tertiary educational programmes
Cherie Morris, Domenica Calabro, Leigh-Anne Buliruarua and Natalie Makhoul (pdf: 246 KB)
Accessing markets - Women fishers market day
Tuivucilevu A.A. (pdf: 417 KB)
Disaster risk management requires an understanding of gender equity and social inclusion
Mangubhai S., Makhoul N., Naaz Z., Vere M., Fox M. (pdf: 544 KB)
Resilience training for fisherwomen in climate change, disaster risk reduction and climate justice
Tuivucilevu A.A. (pdf: 331 KB)
Women in fisheries profiles - Jill Houma
Houma J., Gomese C. (pdf: 1 MB)
Women in fisheries profiles - Nettie Thomas Sapa
Thomas Sapa N., Malverus V. (pdf: 2 MB)
Women in fisheries profiles - Saras Wati Sharma
Sharma S.W., Mangubhai S. (pdf: 1 MB)
Strengthening small-scale fisheries in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu - A project roundup
Naaz Z.T., Vere M.J., Diake S., Kalsing G., Gonelevu S., Brewster P., Mangubhai S., Schwarz A.M. (pdf: 475 KB)
Fiji’s Gender Transformative Institutional Capacity Development Initiative
Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation (pdf: 302 KB)
Ethical and inclusive: New guide provides practical tips on communicating about small-scale fisheries
Bevitt K. (pdf: 353 KB)
Policy, practice and partnership progress for gender equality in Pacific Island fisheries
Lawless S., Mangubhai S. (pdf: 624 KB)

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Coordinator: Sangeeta Mangubhai,Talanoa Consulting, Fiji

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