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About SPC's Coastal Fisheries Programme (CFP)

The Coastal Fisheries Programme (CFP) is one of two programmes that make up the Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystem (FAME) Division of SPC, the other one being the Oceanic Fisheries Programme. The CFP’s goal is: “coastal fisheries, nearshore fisheries and aquaculture in Pacific Island Countries and Territories are managed and developed sustainably”. The CFP is made up of three sections: Aquaculture, Nearshore Fisheries Development and Coastal Fisheries Science and Management.


SPC Fisheries Newsletter #158

Two of the three feature articles in this issue relate to coastal marine resource assessments, and they, not surprisingly, ring alarm bells.

In Fiji, Jeremy Prince and colleagues assessed the spawning potential of 29 reef fish species using a new technique called the length-based spawning potential ratio. The methodology involves community members who are trained to measure fish length and assess fish maturity stages. The training gives them a glimpse of the science ‘hiding’ behind management decisions.


SPC Beche-de-Mer Information Bulletin #39

This issue of the Beche-de-mer Information Bulletin is well supplied with 15 articles that address various aspects of the biology, fisheries and aquaculture of sea cucumbers from three major oceans.

Lee and colleagues propose a procedure for writing guidelines for the standard identification of beche-de-mer in Solomon Islands. Andréfouët and colleagues assess commercial sea cucumber populations in French Polynesia and discuss several recommendations specific to the different archipelagos and islands, in the view of new management decisions...


SPC Fisheries Address Book 2019

The SPC Fisheries Address Book contains more than 1500 individual contacts of fisheries-related people, mainly from the Pacific Islands Region, but also from other parts of the world.

For each Pacific Island country or territory, additional information on EEZ and emerged land areas, population, currency, official language(s) and local time is given.

The SPC Fisheries Address Book is verified and updated each year.





Pacific handbook for gender equity and social inclusion in coastal fisheries and aquaculture

This handbook is designed to give practical guidance on improving gender and social inclusion in coastal fisheries and aquaculture for staff working in fisheries agencies in Pacific Island countries and territories. It focuses on the responsibilities of Pacific Island governments to help promote sustainable development outcomes for all people relying on coastal fisheries and aquaculture for their livelihoods.



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