Coastal Fisheries Programme

Fish aggregating device (FAD) manual
Volume 3: Deploying and maintaining FAD systems

by Paul D. Gates, Garry L. Preston and Lindsay B. Chapman


Fish aggregating devices (FADS) are anchored rafts that, for reasons not yet fully-explained, cause tunas and other oceanic fish species to collect together where they can be caught more easily by various kinds of fishing methods.

This final volume in a series of three describes how to survey potential FAD sites, how to deploy a FAD, and how to carry out follow-up maintenance in such a way as to minimise the risk of loss or damage and to maximise the FAD’s life-span.

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Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Site

A. General criteria for FAD site
B. Using marine charts
C. Basic procedures and requirements
D. Echo-sounder
E. Survey planning
F. Survey techniques using GPS
G. Plotting a bottom contour map
H. Selecting the deployment position

Chapter 2: Deployment

A. FAD design characteristics
B. Basic deployment techniques
C. Factors affecting anchor placement
D. Calculating buoy drift
E. Modifications to the deployment technique
F. Deployment vessel and layout
G. Preparing fad components
H. Deployment procedure

Chapter 3: inspection and maintenance

A. General inspection
B. Physical inspection
C. Maintenance and repair
D. Record keeping

Concluding remarks



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