Coastal Fisheries Programme

Fisheries in the economies

of Pacific Island countries and territories

 by Robert Gillett

Fisheries is a critical sector for food security and economic growth in the Pacific region. Maintaining up-to-date information about the impact of fisheries is critical for Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) and their communities to make informed decisions about management of the sector, and for a range of development organisations, institutions and donors to plan and implement effective development assistance in collaboration with PICTs. However, finding accurate and up-to-date data on the value of fisheries, and its numerous components, to the economies of Pacific Island countries and territories is very difficult, and this makes the assessment of development and change very difficult to measure over time.

This book contains a fisheries-oriented discussion of macroeconomics, country information on specific topics (fisheries production, contribution to GDP, etc.), a discussion of important topics across all countries (e.g. the regional significance of fisheries access fees and exports of fishery products), some important features of the benefits from fisheries that have emerged from this study, and recommendations on improving the measurement of fisheries benefits and assuring the continuity of those benefits. It provides a new baseline for assessing the value of fisheries to Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs), both for measuring achievements and for assessing future improvements in sustainable fishery management. It documents changes in the management of the Pacific tuna fishery, food security concerns for coastal fisheries in the face of growing populations, and the effects these have on the economies of PICTs.

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Table of contents (and links to individual chapters)

Foreword; About the Author; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Currency Equivalents
1 Executive Summary 2 Background
3 Study Considerations and Definitions
4 National Accounts, GDP and Fishing
5 Country /Territory Specific Information on Benefits from Fisheries

6 Cook Islands
7 Federated States of Micronesia
8 Fiji
9 Kiribati
10 Marshall Islands
11 Nauru
12 Niue
13 Palau
14 Papua New Guinea
15 Samoa
16 Solomon Islands
17 Tonga
18 Tuvalu
19 Vanuatu
20 American Samoa
21 French Polynesia
22 Guam
23 New-Caledonia
24 Northern Mariana Islands
25 Pitcairn
26 Tokelau
27 Wallis and Futuna
28 International Waters
29 Fishery and Aquaculture Production Levels
30 The Contribution of Fishing to GDP
31 Exports of Fishery Products
32 Government Revenue from Fisheries
33 Employment Related to Fisheries
34 Fishery Product Consumption
35 Other Observations
36 Recommendations
37 Concluding Remarks
Appendix 1: Executive Summaries of Past Benefish Studies
Appendix 2: National Accounting and the Fisheries Sector
Appendix 3: Guidelines for Calculating the Fishing Contribution to GDP
Appendix 4: Nouvelle-Calédonie
Appendix 5: Polynésie française
Appendix 6: Wallis et Futuna


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