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Trochus Information Bulletin #07

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Number 07 - January 2001


Group Coordinator and Bulletin Editor:
Dr Chan L. Lee Adjunct Professor, RMIT University, 1302/225 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

Production: Information Section, Marine Resources Division, SPC, BP D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia. Fax: +687 263818.

Produced with financial assistance from the European Union.


It is a pleasure to present Bulletin No. 7 my first issue as the editor of the SPC Trochus Information Bulletin.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Kevin Passfield for so ably producing the past bulletins and to Aymeric Desurmont, Fisheries Information Specialist, SPC who helped and supported me when I first took over the position in January 2000.

It had been my original intention to produce two Trochus bulletins yearly, but alas this was not to be. Like Kevin, I find that it's harder getting contributions from our trochus bulletin readers than extracting teeth! Instead of waiting for more contributions and delaying the publication of the bulletin any further, I decided to produce Bulletin No. 7 quickly and to use the opportunity to canvass for contributions in the next bulletin. Consequently, many articles and issues in this bulletin are slanted towards ACIAR-funded reseeding projects and on items from Australia. I hope that trochus readers find them interesting and informative.

Dear readers, I stress that the SPC Trochus Information Bulletin is your magazine. Without your contributions, it cannot survive and without your inputs and news, it won't be of much interest to its readers. Therefore, please send me research articles, notes or even local gossips on trochus fishery events or happenings in your country and region. They will always be of interest to some people. I believe, for example, many readers would be keen to know the latest information on trochus button production in Vanuatu; the ICLARM research work on trochus enhancement in Solomon Islands; or the latest Cook Islands work on trochus or greensnail hatchery and stock enhancement work. Fiji has previously expressed interest in trochus hatchery and stock enhancement and Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and many South Pacific nations are similarly interested in hatchery production and stock enhancement work involving traditional customary management practices. I have also received enquiries from Thailand and India on my current trochus research work. Interests on trochus are therefore out there. Write and tell me what is happening in your country or in your region, what you would like to do in the future, and I will make sure news from your region is quickly disseminated through this bulletin.

I hope to have Bulletin No. 8 ready for printing in late 2001. Looking forward to hearing and receiving some interesting contributions from you in the next six months.

Over to you readers.

Dr Chan L. Lee



Testing the efficacy of restocking trochus using broodstock transplantation and juvenile seeding - An ACIAR-funded project
Purcell S.W., Lee C.L. (pdf: 86 KB)
Spawning and seed production of the green snail (Turbo marmoratus L.) in Indonesia
Dwiono S.A.P., Pradina, Makatipu P.C. (pdf: 40 KB)
Habitat preferences of juvenile trochus in Western Australia: Implications for stock enhancement and assessment
Colquhoun J.R. (pdf: 102 KB)
Recent surveys of transplanted green snail (Turbo marmoratus) and trochus (Trochus niloticus) on Tongatapu, Tonga
Fa'anunu U., Niumeitolu S., Mateaki M., Kikutani K. (pdf: 90 KB)
Protecting the trochus bounty
Saunders K. (pdf: 25 KB)
Using underwater metal detectors for research into trochus reseeding
Crowe T. (pdf: 47 KB)
Differentiating between juvenile Trochus niloticus and Trochus histrio in the field
Dobson G. (pdf: 36 KB)

Abstracts and new publications (pdf: )

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