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Number 32 - December 2013



Group Co-ordinator and Bulletin Editor:
Kenneth Ruddle, Asahigaoka-cho 7-22-511, Ashiya-shi, Hyogo-ken, Japan 659-0012.

Information Section, Fisheries Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems Division, SPC, BP D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia

Produced with financial assistance from Australia, France and New Zealand.

Note from the editor,

This edition of the SPC Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge Information Bulletin is devoted to presenting a comprehensive, data-rich report on a baseline survey conducted by the Vanuatu Fisheries Department, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, and IC Net Ltd., a Japanese company that provides technical assistance and training for development projects, as part of the “Project for Promotion of Grace of the Sea at Coastal Villages in Vanuatu Phase 2”.  The purpose of the project is to ensure the effective practice of community-based coastal resource management in selected locations, through the provision of technical assistance from the Vanuatu Fisheries Department.

This project includes many components. At the outset it conducted a participatory survey in target communities to understand their economic and social conditions and activities of coastal resource management. It also ran workshops in Port Vila and target sites on coastal resource management planning, to review and revise existing plans and formulate annual plans for strengthening community activities.

Several ongoing pilot activities have resulted from the survey and workshop as supporting measures to achieve sound and sustainable community-based coastal resource management. So far these include the management of FADs by communities; community fishing activity recording and analysis to understand the current situation of local fishing activities, catch trends and the economics of local fishing activities; shell craft making and marketing; modifying the local canoe design to equip it with both a sail and outboard engine to improve access to offshore areas and reduce fuel expenditures; and giant clam culture by target communities. More activities will likely be added.

Kenneth Ruddle


A baseline survey of coastal villages in Vanuatu
Nimoho G., Seko A., IinumaM., Nishiyama K., Wakisaka T. (pdf: 3 MB)

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