Coastal Fisheries Programme
Issue #34 (Sept 2021)

Editor's note

It continues to be one of the most challenging times for our planet as we live through multiple overlapping global crises – the COVID-19 pandemic, biodiversity loss and climate change. While vaccines are rolled out in the Pacific, the surge in cases in Fiji and Papua New Guinea remind us how fragile our bubbles are. It will be a while before we fully understand how multiple crises might affect and reshape fisheries and aquaculture. This 34th edition of the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin has 17 original articles on inshore and offshore fisheries, and aquaculture, with pieces from Fiji, Kiribati, Palau, Timor Leste and Canada. SPC colleagues provide a summary of the most relevant calls for actions from the 14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women to further progress women’s economic empowerment along the fisheries and agricultural value chains. Don’t forget to check out Toksave Pacific Gender Resource, an online platform that aims to address gender inequality in the Pacific by making quality research accessible and discoverable. I am delighted to see a surge in research on gender and fisheries by master’s or PhD students. Roslyn Nand is looking at the contribution of women in small-scale fisheries to improve food security and resilience in Fiji. Sarah Lawless explores how the concept of gender and the principle of gender equality are represented in policy instruments that govern small-scale fisheries. Ruby Grantham presents a strong case for recognising the diversity of viewpoints and motivations for gleaning that look beyond their value for food and income. Let others know about what you are doing because who knows, it may lead to potential collaborations. We welcome several new lead authors to the bulletin from the Pacific and beyond – Kirsten Bradford, Ana Ciriyawa, Ruby Grantham, Robyn James, Lindy Kanan, Roslyn Nand, Beia Nikiari, Kiley Price, Ann Singeo, Victoria Syddall, Seremaia Tuqiri and Esther Wozniak. Lastly, a thank you to Tiffany Straza, a strong advocate for Pacific women in the ocean spaces, for assisting in the editing of articles.

Sangeeta Mangubhai



Women and the business of aquaculture: A case for women tilapia farmers in Fiji
Salote Waqairatu-Waqainabete, Lavinia Kaumaitotoya (pdf: 515 KB)
Commitments to gender equality have surged, but how deep do they run? A look at Pacific small-scale fisheries
Sarah Lawless, Philippa J. Cohen, Sangeeta Mangubhai, Danika Kleiber, Tiffany H. Morrison (pdf: 639 KB)
Gender inclusion and mainstreaming in Fiji’s offshore fisheries sector
Seremaia Tuqiri and Vilisoni Tarabe (pdf: 794 KB)
Key findings from Palau’s gender and marine resources assessment: Women and men both important for use, management and youth empowerment
Ann Singeo,Caroline E. Ferguson, Iseko Willyander, Reid Endress, Surech Bells, and Bryan A. Endress (pdf: 672 KB)
Women of Tabonibara lead fisheries management into the future
Beia Nikiari, Tarateiti Uriam, Leslie James, Iutita Karekenatu, Aurélie Delisle and Owen Li (pdf: 922 KB)
Engaging women in pearl meat farming in Fiji
Vutaieli B. Vitukawalu, Fareea Ma, Sirilo Dulunaqio and Rosi K. Batibasaga (pdf: 564 KB)
From coast to coast to coast: An introduction to gender and small-scale fisheries co-management in Canada
Kirsten Bradford (pdf: 633 KB)
Women of the land and sea at the 14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women: Investing in inclusive and sustainable value chains identified as a regional priority
Natalie Makhoul, Margaret Fox, Flavia Ciribello and Josephine Kalsuak (pdf: 320 KB)
Toksave Pacific Gender Resource: a new home for quality research relating to gender in the Pacific
Lindy Kanan (pdf: 341 KB)
Recognising the contribution of women in small-scale fisheries to improve food security and resilience in Fiji
Roslyn Nand (pdf: 403 KB)
“The ocean is my land”: Understanding unintended outcomes of tuna fisheries development in Suva, Fiji
Victoria Margaret Syddall (pdf: 488 KB)
My story: Esther Wozniak
Esther Wozniak (pdf: 243 KB)
Boosting women’s knowledge in post-harvest handling of fish and fattening of mud crabs before sale
Ana Ciriyawa, Vutaieli B. Vitukawalu and Rosi K. Batibasaga (pdf: 567 KB)
In the fishing industry, women face hidden hardships: a study
Kiley Price (pdf: 510 KB)
The value of gleaning: beyond food and income
Ruby Grantham, Jacqueline Lau and Danika Kleiber (pdf: 460 KB)
Shining a light on Fijian women fishers’ role in providing food and income for their households
Alyssa S. Thomas, Sangeeta Mangubhai,1 Margaret Fox, Semisi Meo, Katy Miller, Waisea Naisilisili, Joeli Veitayaki and Salote Waqairatu (pdf: 260 KB)
Engaging women for enduring conservation
Robyn James (pdf: 1 MB)

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Coordinator: Sangeeta Mangubhai, Director, Wildlife Conservation Society– Fiji Country Program, Fiji

Production: Pacific Community, Fisheries Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems Division, Information Section, BP D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia

Prepared with financial assistance from the Australian Government, the European Union, France and the New Zealand Aid Program

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