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Number 127 (October/December 2009)

Produced by the Information Section, Marine Resources Division, SPC, B.P. D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia. Fax: (687) 263818.

Produced with financial assistance from France, Australia and New Zealand


Welcome to issue 127 of the Fisheries Newsletter. This issue features an article by Johann Bell et al. in which the authors discuss how household income and expenditure surveys can be modified to help government monitor, amongst other things, how much fish is being consumed in rural and urban areas, and how many households use fish for subsistence.

On a more personal note, this will be the last Fisheries Newsletter I will produce. I will leave SPC in June 2009 after more than 20 years of service. My colleague Aymeric Desurmont will be in charge of producing the newsletter, which will now be published three times a year instead of four.

Thank you for your interest, support, contributions and comments during all these years. Merci!

Jean-Paul Gaudechoux 

Fisheries Information Adviser

In this issue


Reef Fisheries Observatory (pdf: )

  • Update on the compilation, finalisation and publishing of country reports
  • Analysis of regional dataset
  • Finfish resource assessments in Tonga
  • GIS/RS conference
  • Annual science day in Noumea

Nearshore Fisheries Development and Training Section (pdf: )

  • Review of the WWF pilot fish aggregating device in the Galapagos Islands
  • Assistance to a domestic longline company in the Cook Islands
  • FAD fishing methods and small boat safety workshop in Suva, Fiji Islands
  • Second Pacific Island fisheries evidence training and investigation course

Coastal Fisheries Management Section (pdf: )

  • Subregional workshop on ecosystem approaches to management of coastal fisheries in PICTs
  • Technical assistance to Tonga Department of Fisheries
  • Developing Yap’s sea cucumber regulations

Aquaculture Section (pdf: )

  • SPC Aquaculture Section publication: Regional strategy for developing marine finfish aquaculture in the Pacific Islands
  • A regional consultation to support the marine ornamental industry
  • Building capacity for Solomon Islands in freshwater aquaculture


  • Global study of shrimp fisheries  (pdf: )


  • Coconut oil as an alternative fuel – Progress in fisheries related applications - Lessons learned from a pilot project, by Hugh Walton et al. (pdf: )

  • Importance of household income and expenditure surveys and censuses for management of coastal and freshwater fisheries, by Johann Bell et al. (pdf: )

  • Rabbitfish: a candidate for aquaculture in the Pacific?, by Antoine Teitelbaum et al. (pdf: )

Download the complete publication:

Fisheries Newsletter #127 (pdf: )


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