Coastal Fisheries Programme
Issue #29 (March 2019)

Editor's note

The inclusion of gender in fisheries and aquaculture is considered central to sustainable development, and the Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin provides a sharing and learning platform for practitioners and scientists working in this space in the Pacific, and other parts of the world. This edition has 14 unique articles from Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, the broader Pacific and the Philippines.

Danika Kleiber and co-authors provide an overview of the ‘Pathways Project’ being implemented in Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. The project focuses on strengthening and scaling community-based approaches to Pacific coastal fisheries in management support of the ‘New Song’. Key concepts for considering and including gender in research and development are outlined in a visually aesthetic way that is useful for other projects that want to increase research quality, empower women and facilitate equitable outcomes in coastal fisheries.

Kate Barclay and co-authors provide an overview of ‘Lagoon livelihoods: Gender and shell money in Langalanga, Solomon Islands’, published recently in the journal Maritime Studies. The researchers found that gender roles in the shell money value chain have shifted, with women more actively involved in the trade in recent years. Changes in gender roles have created friction with gender and cultural norms; specifically, in terms of the kinds of activities that are considered suitable for women, who in families should control cash incomes. Sheridan Rabbitt and co-authors present community attitudes toward the export of fishery products from rural villages in Solomon Islands to the capital, Honiara, using ‘eskies’ for storage and transport. While the majority of community members interviewed were supportive of the ‘esky trade’, they wanted to see further restrictions implemented such as harvest restrictions, closure of some areas during the harvesting of seafood for the esky trade, and gear restrictions.... Read more ...

Sangeeta Mangubhai



Fijian women’s involvement in coastal fisheries: A socioeconomic study of fisherwomen from Matuku, Moala and Totoya islands (Lau Seascape)
Waqairatu-Waqainabete S., Meo S., Waqainabete-Tuisese S., Kennedy B. (pdf: 537 KB)
Integrating gender in Pacific coastal fisheries research: The Pathways project
Kleiber D., Cohen D. Gomese C., McDougall C. (pdf: 383 KB)
Gender and coastal livelihoods: The case of shell money production and trade in Langalanga, Solomon Islands
Barclay K., Lawless S., McClean N., Foale S., Sulu R. (pdf: 444 KB)
Empowering women through pearl industry-based livelihoods in Fiji
Southgate P.C., Kishore P., Sharma S., Simos T. (pdf: 1 MB)
Fishing for cash – village attitudes towards fish exports in Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands
Rabbitt S., Lilley I., Albert S., Tibbetts I.R. (pdf: 577 KB)
Women in subsistence fisheries in the Philippines: The undervalued contribution of reef gleaning to food and nutrition security of coastal households
De Guzman A.B. (pdf: 971 KB)
Tarusila Veibi: Inspiring and supporting the improved engagement of rural women in community-based management in Fiji
Anon. (pdf: 337 KB)
Community issues, concerns and suggestions for improving coastal fisheries in Vanuatu: A community perspective
Kaloran A. (pdf: 399 KB)
Translating gender equality from paper into practice: A new research agenda for coastal fisheries
Lawless S. (pdf: 230 KB)
Mainstreaming gender and human rights-based approaches into coastal fisheries
Mangubhai S. (pdf: 186 KB)
Understanding the links between gender, sustainability and food security in small-scale fisheries
Rabbitt S. (pdf: 176 KB)
Barriers and constraints to gender equality and social inclusion of women sellers in municipal markets in Fiji
Gavidi K., Thomas A., Mangubhai S., Naleba M., Arnett M., Ieli P. (pdf: 307 KB)
Handbook for Pacific gender and social inclusion in small-scale fisheries and aquaculture
Anon. (pdf: 495 KB)
GAF7 participants discuss issues not addressed in other fisheries and aquaculture conferences
Williams M., Gopal N. (pdf: 1 MB)

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Coordinator: Sangeeta Mangubhai, Director, Wildlife Conservation Society– Fiji Country Program, Fiji

Production: Pacific Community, Fisheries Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems Division, Information Section, BP D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia

Prepared with financial assistance from the Australian Government, the European Union, France and the New Zealand Aid Program

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