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The Pacific handbook for gender equity and social inclusion in coastal fisheries and aquaculture is a tailored guide to assist fisheries practitioners and managers to integrate gender and social inclusion into their daily work cycles. In addition, the handbook provides basic tools for gender and social inclusion analysis as well as additional tools for project design, planning and implementation. The handbook consists of eight standalone modules which cover themes most relevant to national fisheries practitioners such as policy, coastal fisheries management, and livelihoods. Illustrative case studies, practical tips, checklists, and links to overarching international and regional commitments are integral part of the handbook to enable gender and social inclusion mainstreaming in coastal fisheries and aquaculture.

Downloads (pdf):

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Handbook (in full)


Module 1: Introduction ()


Module 2: Gender and
social inclusion analysis


Module 3: Monitoring, evaluation and learning ()


Module 4: Government processes ()


Module 5: The policy cycle


Module 6: Community engagement ()


Module 7: Coastal fisheries management ()


Module 8: Livelihoods

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