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Tim Pickering
Inland Aquaculture Adviser

Pacific Community
Private Mail Bag
Fiji Islands

Téléphone: +679 337 07 33
Fax: +679 337 00 21

Information: Tim originates from New Zealand where he completed a PhD on aquaculture of the seaweed Gracilaria. After graduation, he worked as a government scientist with the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) on research to cultivate spiny lobsters. A three-year stint in MAF Policy as Aquaculture Policy Analyst then ensued, which gave him experience in aquaculture legislation, farm licensing and coastal management.

A move to Fiji resulted in fifteen years at the Marine Studies Programme of the University of the South Pacific (USP), first as a Lecturer in Fish Biology, then Lecturer in Marine Affairs, and finally as Senior Lecturer in Aquaculture. Tim’s research and supervision of post-graduate students while at USP mainly focused upon marine shrimp, freshwater prawns, tilapia, Kappaphycus seaweed, bath sponges and mud crabs. One initiative was to establish a commercial freshwater prawn farm in Fiji as a partnership with a private-sector investor, whereby the University provided the technical expertise needed to run the farm.

Tim joined SPC in June 2008 and provides technical and policy advice in the SPC region for a range of aquaculture commodities, with special attention given to inland aquaculture (prawns, shrimp, tilapia, milkfish, etc). Initially based in Noumea, he now operates from SPC’s Suva office.

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